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Sensory Analysis for Vape and Flower Manufacturing

Sensory Analysis for Vape and Flower Manufacturing

The most impactful way we’ve used sensory in real life is Quality Control. But that’s just the start. Sensory can also teach you about what your customer wants and predict where the market’s headed. Want to learn more? We’ve got you covered. Read on for a quick overview, then head…

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Terpenes and Education

Safeguard Your Business with Vape Ingredient Safety: An Accessible Means of Assessment for Manufacturers and Regulators

Vaporization is an increasingly prevalent means to consume cannabis, but there is little guidance for manufacturers or regulators to evaluate additive safety. This paper presents a first-tier framework for regulators and cannabis manufacturers without significant toxicological expertise to conduct risk assessments and prioritize additives in cannabis concentrates for acceptance, elimination, or further evaluation.

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True Terpenes founder story: Chris Campagna

True Terpenes Founder’s Origin Story

Everyone in Cannabis has a “Why.” Our Founder and CEO Chris Campagna recently shared his: One day I woke up, and my toes were numb. A few days later, it was creeping up my legs. About a week later, I was paralyzed from the waist down.

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Dr. Ethan Russo and Jeremy Plumb of True Terpenes science advisory board
Terpenes and Education

The Nose Knows

Aroma–Not THC–Drives the Consumer Experience. A New Study Led by Dr. Ethan Russo and Jeremy Plumb Has the Evidence to Prove It.

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Market Trends

Holiday Product Trends

After 420, Green Wednesday (or the day before Thanksgiving) was the biggest day for cannabis sales in 2021, followed closely by Black Friday. 12/23 and 12/31 rounded out the season, coming in at the #5 and #11 top sales days of the entire year. With the stakes this high for producers, what’s the best way to prepare?

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Informational White Papers

Safety and Quality

Consumer Safety is the number one driver of the True Terpenes Quality, Safety, and Compliance Programs. We believe that protecting public health and formulating for regulatory compliance are critical to the long-term sustainability of our industry.

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What Are Terpenes graphic
Terpenes and Education

What are Terpenes?

While nearly all plants produce terpenes, the ones you’re probably most familiar with are found in citrus, aromatic herbs, and cannabis. The particular combination of terpenes are what give a plant its signature aroma, color, and flavor. But they do more than that.

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How To

Terpene Tips for 710

You’re probably familiar with the ways terpenes can enhance your oil experience, bringing authentic flavor and character to your favorite concentrates. But did you know that you can also use terpenes to improve your overall process? Read on for a few ways to harness the natural power of terpenes!

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True Terpenes and A Promising Step Forward in Pennsylvania
Terpenes and Regulations

A Promising Step Forward in Pennsylvania

True Terpenes Champions Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis True Terpenes and the nonprofit organization Medical Marijuana Access & Patient Safety, Inc. celebrated a milestone in

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Terpenes and Education

Prison Policy Initiative

Supporting incarcerated Americans through research and advocacy At True Terpenes, we proudly support the Prison Policy Initiative, a non-profit organization that works to end mass

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