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How to Prep for 420

420 Prep blog post featured image

Stand out on crowded shelves and boost sales this 420 with these terpene tips

It's time to plan your 420 sales strategy.

Last year’s 420 holiday sales smashed all previous retail records, with a nearly 40% increase from 2021.

This year’s growth is here for the taking. Here are some tips on how to claim it, based on consumer buying trends.

The 420 consumer is looking for what's new.

Innovate by infusing flavor-forward botanical terpene blends with Live Resin 100% hemp-derived terpenes. Get creative with unique custom blends, or shop our Live Alchemy line to create accessible Live Resin-infused vape carts that stand out on dispensary shelves.

420 is a reason for consumers to splurge on a premium, special-occasion product.

Create a connoisseur experience with Live Resin hemp terpene-infused vape pens, concentrate, and pre-rolls. Deliver Grade-A Flower flavor and aroma and reintroduce the full Entourage Effect for cents on the dollar.

420 is all about celebration-ready applications.

Is it portable? Good for sharing with a group? Does it bring big effects at a relatively low price point. If the answer’s “yes,” the 420 consumer wants it. Be ready with a line of Live Resin-infused pre-rolls, or infuse flower with a blend of Live Resin and botanical terpenes for infused pre-roll joints that taste as good as they smell from the first hit to the last.

Create the most popular products on 420 with these trending terpene strains.


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