General Terpene Info

Can terpenes be ingested?

Terpenes have been used as flavor ingredients and are safe to ingest when rated “Food Grade or GRAS”. “GRAS” is an acronym for the phrase Generally Recognized As Safe and refers to food additives.

While our terpenes can be safe to ingest, they must be diluted prior to use and should only be used by trained professionals. Refer to the specific SDS safety information for details.

What are terpenes used for?

Terpenes have many different uses from food flavoring, to perfumery, to therapeutic uses.

How do you measure them?

Due to the fact that terpenes are very potent in their pure form, you must accurately measure them. We suggest using an adjustable pipette for convenient and accurate measuring. A pipette is a laboratory tool commonly used in chemistry, biology and medicine to transport a measured volume of liquid, often as a media dispenser.

OUR Terpenes

What's with all these crazy warnings and disclaimers?

Our terpenes are of an EXTREMELY high purity. This is important when considering why they are labeled with such insane warnings such as “do not inhale, do not ingest, etc.”.

When in this pure of a form, terpenes ARE DANGEROUS and must be handled with the utmost care for your own safety.

Why do your terpenes seem more dangerous than those from other companies?

Short version: All terpenes of this high purity MUST SHOW these warnings, legally and ethically.

If you see terpenes for sale somewhere that does not show these scary warnings, one of two things is occurring:

1) The product is NOT high enough purity to warrant a legal warning (when diluted, terpenes are safe enough to ingest and do not need warnings)

2) The company is in violation by not displaying the proper safety information to you. Proceed at your own risk!

How are terpenes extracted?

Our terpenes are extracted using steam distillation and fractionation. The terpenes are first extracted from the plant material and then purified further.

NO SOLVENTS of any kind, touch any of our terpenes at any time.

Are the terpenes natural?

Yes. We certify that the terpenes are declared natural and meets the criteria of Naturalness as defined in Section 101.22 (a) (3) of Title 21 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations.

We certify that the product meets the following criteria:

  • Does not contain any artificial flavors
  • Is not adulterated or misbranded according to Food and Drug laws

What certifications do they have?

Our terpenes are certified organic, natural, non-gmo and food grade.

Are the terpenes Food Grade?

Yes. We certify that the flavor or ingredient is FDA/FEMA GRAS. We would like to assure you that we use only flavor ingredients that are listed as being generally recognized as safe (GRAS) on a reliable published industry association (FEMA) list and/or are approved for use in a regulation of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. We hereby certify that this flavor or ingredient is safe for its intended use in food. We may terminate this certification at any time upon written notice in which this certification shall be null and void as to any material supplied after termination of the certification.

Are the terpenes organic?


We declare that the terpenes meet the requirements for non-agricultural (non-organic) substances allowed as ingredients in or on processed products labeled as “organic” or “made with organic (specified ingredients or food group(s))” [7 CFR 205.605(a)(9)].

To qualify to be “USDA Certified Organic”, a product must be considered “agricultural”. In other words, something you can grow and eat.

Once a terpene is extracted from a plant it is no longer considered to be “agricultural” and therefore cannot be classified as “USDA Certified Organic” but it IS organic compliant and is an FDA approved natural product.

The non-agricultural standard for “organic” means that there were no outside or synthetic solvents or chemicals used in the making and extraction.

All of the flavor constituents in our products meet the FDA definition of a natural flavor.

Are the terpenes Non-GMO?

Yes. We declare that the terpenes are not derived from or produced using genetically modified organisms or their derivatives.

Mixing and DIY

Should I use heat to help with the mixing?

YES. When it comes to combining liquids, heat is your friend.

The actual temperature varies depending on what substance you are mixing into, but a general rule is that you should not exceed 150F.

You’ll know if the mixing is going properly when the liquids look like ONE consistent color instead of two.

Which terpenes best emulsify an oil?

We suggest using a homogenizer when mixing the terpenes and certain oils. Limonene can also be used as an emulsifying agent.

We can’t give any specific information on each terpene because every oil is different as well.

Will freezing terpenes damage them?

Short answer: no

Longer version: If you want to freeze terpenes in a normal freezer, it will not damage them. It would take a temperature much much lower than that to pull terpenes out of a mixture.


Do you sell larger sizes?

We do offer larger wholesale quantities on request only. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will do our best to accommodate. Whether you need 1kg or a 180kg drum, we can help.

Do you sell sample sizes?


The terpenes in the 1oz bottles are our samples.

Shipping and Handling

From where does my order ship?

Our warehouse is located in Portland, OR.

How long does it take to receive my terpenes?

Many factors contribute to the shipping and handling times, but a general guide is:


2-3 business days


Continental US: 3-5 business days

Which carrier do you ship with?

We primarily ship with UPS and have a CFR 49 hazardous materials endorsement. We have the ability to ship any size container in full compliance with the DOT.

Some of our orders may ship via USPS.


All sales are final. Orders can be refunded prior to fulfillment and shipping but once the order has been fulfilled and/or shipped, no refunds will be issued.


Due to the hazardous nature of our product, we are unable to accept returns. However, you are not simply out of luck. Just contact customer service and explain the issue with your order and we will do everything in our power to make it right.