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How To Mix Your Terpenes With BHO


Do you want to expand your options when it comes to BHO products? Are you ready to mix terpenes with your BHO to discover and create new products your clients will enjoy? In this post, True Terpenes will explain the simple three step process that you can use to effectively mix your terpene of choice and BHO to create a new, delicious product. In fact, you can also add additional flavors and aromas to your extracts, as well as adjust the viscosity without using VG or PG.

Before you dive into this post, check out our most popular terpene isolates. Some of them you may even consider mixing with your BHO to create new flavors and experiences:

Flavor: Mixing Terpenes With BHO

Generally, you want to mix your terpenes with BHO for a specific flavor profile. Start with only a few drops at a time until you reach the flavor you desire. When choosing the BHO to use, crumble or shatter is going to absorb your terpenes better than anything else. One of the easiest ways to mix terpenes with your BHO for flavor is to start small and work your way to a desired flavor experience.

Mixing With Shatter Or Crumble

Start with one or two drops of terpene with your shatter or crumble per half gram. You want to “brush” or “paint” the terpenes across the face of the BHO. If you’re starting out with thicker, sappier resins, you’ll want to use three or four drops to start.

Terpene-BHO Mixing Instructions

When it comes to mixing terpenes and BHO, there are three simple steps to get it right. Most of the mixing process will be based on what you prefer to taste or experience. The rest of it is an easy to follow process.

Mixing Step One

First, decide what you will be using to mix your terpenes and BHO in. This can be anything from a small glass jar to parchment paper. Once you decide, place your BHO in or on your desired mixing container or surface.

In this step, you will want to find parchment paper that works well with BHO. This type of parchment paper can be difficult to find, but is well worth the search. Additionally, glass jars are your best choice for mixing terpenes and BHO. They provide a container that’s easily managed and can be warmed if needed.

Mixing Step Two

It’s time to mix. Start with adding one to three drops of your terpene of choice to your BHO. Begin to stir the two ingredients. Add more terpene drops as needed to meet your desired flavor experience.

In this step, you will want to keep in mind that when adding terpenes to rosin, it’s good to start with one or two drops of terpene per one gram of rosin. This is a general guideline, and you should add more or less as you see fit during the mixing process. Also, using a dabber to stir your mixture is fine, but you will find a magnetic stirrer to work well on low heat, too. Finally, you want to mix your terpenes and BHO until the consistency is even throughout. This is a good indicator for a successful mixture.

Mixing Step Three

Finally, you want to let your mixture set or “concrete” for about five hours. The time it takes for your mixture to get to this point can be longer or shorter. Make sure and check it around the five hour mark and see how it’s doing.

As a final tip, seal your container; it will help infuse the terpenes into the concentrate, which makes for a better flavor experience.

Why Choose True Terpenes For Concentrate Mixtures

At True Terpenes, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest grade terpene products to our distributors and direct customers. It’s no surprise why we’ve become one of the top terpene suppliers in the country. Our mission is to provide the best customer service in the industry. We want everyone who buys from us to say that they love us.

Are you ready to mix your terpenes and BHO? Shop terpenes for sale online now with True Terpenes. We’re always ready to help you find the best terpene isolate or profile that fits your aroma and flavor experience.


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