How To Mix Your Terpenes With C02 Extract

Are you drawn to mixing terpenes with C02 extracts? Does the solventless extraction process intrigue you? In this post, True Terpenes will be sharing the simple three step process to mixing terpenes with C02 extract easily and effectively. Your outcome with this mixture will give you a flavor and effect new to you and the industry. Every mixture is a new discovery to be experienced and enjoyed.

For those who are interested in mixing terpenes with C02 extracts, it’s important to remember that C02 heated to 88 degrees Fahrenheit or higher and pressurized to 1071 PSI or more it will essentially become a solvent. This means that as the cannabis oils extract from the plant material they will remain in the collection chambers, leaving most of your terpenes in the C02. If you want to avoid this, you must keep your mixture process within the parameters to do so.

Terpene-C02 Flavors And Effects

When you’re mixing terpenes and C02, you’re in search of a specific flavor and effect. In most cases, the effect is the primary goal. It’s common for consumers to complain that most of the mixtures taste the same due to the mixing process. It does not fully extract the terpenes, which leaves the consumer with their C02 and THC but little-to-no terpenes.

You can avoid this problem by adding terpenes to the extract products to enhance flavor and effect. For example, when you extract Banana Kush, you can add extra Banana Kush to the extracted products to create a full-spectrum mixture.

Terpene-C02 Mixing Instructions

Mixing Step One

You will want to use a glass jar as your mixing container. Here’s why: glass jars are non-reactive while mixing, and they are easy to handle during the process. Once you have a jar, add your C02 extract into the jar.

Mixing Step Two

Now that you have your C02 extract in the glass jar, it’s time to add your terpene profile. Add one or two drops per one gram of C02 extract to start. You will want to mix multiples of this combination varying the amount of terpene drops to discover the exact flavor and effect experience you desire.

As a mixing instrument, a dabber will work fine. However, a magnetic stirrer is your best option when mixing terpenes and C02 extract. Finally, make sure your mixture is consistent throughout. This is the true sign of a successful combination of terpene profile and C02.

Mixing Step Three

Enjoy your concentrate. Once you have mixed your extracts so that they are consistent throughout, you can enjoy them. One great way to infuse your terpenes into the C02 extract is to seal the container and let it sit overnight. In most cases, five hours is enough to get the full effect.

Why Choose True Terpenes

The number-one mission at True Terpenes is the best customer service in the industry. Our goal is to deliver the best terpene products on the shoulders of unwavering customer satisfaction. When our customers buy from us, we want them to love us. This is why we offer terpene products that are certified natural, organic, non-GMO, and food-grade. We steam-distill our sources to extract only the purist terpenes at the highest level of potency possible. When you choose to shop for terpenes online at True Terpenes, you only get the best.

Start mixing your C02 extracts and terpenes today!

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