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How to Pair Terpenes With Your Food & Drinks

It can be overwhelming to search the internet for terpenes and find a vast selection of isolates, strains, kits, and more. Then you have to do your research to discover where the terpenes being offered were sources from. In most cases, terpenes are sourced from cannabis. At True Terpenes, we source our terpenes from organic resources outside the cannabis plant family. We offer isolates, strains, and kits to satisfy even your most specific needs.

Our customers continue to share with us how they love to pair their terpenes with their food and drinks. In this post, we’re going to share how you can start pairing terpenes with your daily beverages and meals to get the most out of your experience. As you discover which terpenes go best with your daily meals, share your findings on social media to introduce your friends and family to this wonderful experience!

The Aroma

Terpenes are primarily known for their scent profiles. As humans, smell is directly related to taste, and we usually “taste” something before we actually place it in our mouths.

When you start pairing terpenes with food or beverages, ask yourself: what does the food smell like? Then get a whiff of your terpene to compare and contrast various pairings.

Here are a few terpene-food pairings you can start with based on smells:

  • Myrcene: green tea, mango tea, citrus energy drink, fruit salad
  • Limonene: water, energy drink, fruit smoothie, fish
  • Alpha-Pinene: steak, chicken salad, grilled fish
  • Linalool: cheese, evening tea, coffee, bread

The Flavor

Next is the flavor of the terpene in comparison or contrast to the food or beverage you’re going to pair. Consider the following taste receptors in your palette:

  • Salty
  • Sweet
  • Sour
  • Butter
  • Umami

Find a terpene you like the taste profile of and either enhance a food or drink with same taste profile or contrast the terpene taste profile with a food or drink in a different taste bud section in your palette.

Some of our consumers will use Beta-Caryophyllene with their bread to create a delicious black peppered bread taste. In other instances, consumers use Myrcene in their morning energy drink to enhance the citrus-fruit flavor.


Similar to wine and cheese, the potency and intensity of the terpene or a given food or drink will play a part in how you experience a pairing. You’ll want to find the right intensity with your terpene and food or drink pairings to create the most delicious experience possible. In some cases, clients prefer a stronger mint taste with their green tea so they include a drop or two of Eucalyptol to enhance the experience.

Choose True Terpenes For Your Terpene Isolates!

When it comes to terpenes, food, and drinks, True Terpenes believes your options are virtually endless. Our terpene strains, isolates, and kits all offer a variety of aromas and flavors you can pair at your leisure with various foods and beverages. If you’re ready to shop terpenes for sale, visit our online store now!


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