Single Channel Adjustable Pipettes



  • 0.5-10ul
  • 10-100ul
  • 100-1000ul
  • 1000-5000ul

All DRAGONLAB pipettes have been quality tested according to ISO8655-2:2002 with calibration certificate.

  • Lightweight, ergonomic, low force design
  • Digital display clearly reads volume setting
  • The pipettes cover volume range of 0.1μl to 5ml
  • Easy to calibrate and maintain with tool supplied
  • Design helps avoid repetitive strain injuries
  • Calibrated in accordance with ISO8655
  • Each pipette supplied with individual test certificate
  • The low part is available for autoclaving
  • Meant for thin, low viscosity oils, like terpenes


  • 1 Adjustable Pipette
  • 1 Adjustment tool
  • 1 Pipette-rest
  • 1 Vile of piston grease
  • Extra tips

Storage Requirements
Keep in original container, lid securely tightened and away from heat, open flames, sunlight, combustible materials and hot surfaces. No Smoking. Store in a cool dry place. Improper storage can cause terpenes to degrade.

Terpenes must be diluted prior to use. (1-5% by total volume). Terpenes are oil soluble and mix well with plant extracts, coconut oil, and more.

Handle With Care
Can cause skin irritation, do not use PRIOR to dilution.

Terpenes You Can Trust

Safety Tested

We analyze all blends for Heavy Metals, Pesticides and Solvents

Certified Quality

GMP, ISO-9001:2015, FSSC 22000 Audited & Certified


We never add PG, VG, PEG, MCT or Vitamin E Acetate.