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Why Every Company Needs A Scientific Advisory Board

by Chris Campagna The cannabis industry has reached a point in its evolution where science and research are no longer an added bonus, rather a necessity.  As we continue to tout the benefits of cannabinoids like THC and CBD, skeptics and investors need science-based evidence in order to establish credibility and trust in the industry. […]

The Entourage Effect

This article about the entourage effect is for educational purposes only. This is not meant to diagnose, treat or otherwise represent advice on a medical condition and does not constitute medical advice. Talk to your doctor about all medical questions. This is only a review on research documents. What is the entourage effect? The Entourage […]

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DEA Makes Studying Cannabis Easier

  The DEA just announced it’s going to make researching terpenes and cannabis a bit easier. The DEA has been under heavy scrutiny lately following the filing of a lawsuit against the agency by researcher Dr. Sue Sissley. Sissley is a psychologist that has been investigating the potential uses of cannabis for PTSD and other […]

Terpene Tuesday: Are terpenes the key to renewable plastics?

Terpenes may be the key to environmentally friendly plastic. The supply of fossil fuels is being depleted and at the same time their use is being linked to global warming and other pollution. Some of our previous posts have looked at the use of terpenes as the future of jet fuels. This is because terpenes […]

Terpene Tuesday presents terpenes in your garden

Inoculating soil with bacteria and fungi has become more and more commonplace in cannabis cultivation and gardening throughout the world. Rhizobacteria form relationships with plant roots and help fix nitrogen from the atmosphere, while mycorrhizal fungi increase the uptake of phosphorus, water and more. However, the words in the language underpinning this dialogue between species […]

7 Ways To Use Your Strains And Isolates

If you’ve ventured into the world of terpenes, than you’re aware that the number of terpenes is astounding. In fact, there are some 30,000 terpenes on record from around the world. There are an estimated 200 terpenes that have been found in cannabis plants alone. What’s more, you encounter terpenes daily, and you probably don’t […]

6 Profitable Reason To Buy Wholesale Terpenes In Bulk

Whether you’re a retailer, dispensary, manufacturer, or extractor, you can gain profits with terpenes. In fact, terpenes have been shown to be great primary products for retailers, as well as cross- or up-sell items at the POS. B2C and B2B businesses can leverage the wonderful wave of terpene isolates and strains rushing across the nation […]

How Dispensaries Use Terpenes To Increase Revenue

As a dispensary, helping customers while increasing revenue is the name of the game. Your budtenders and other sales people need to understand that to increase revenue, they need to focus on the existing customers. Granted, you will want to grow your client base with new customers, but around 80 percent of your overall revenue […]

The One Secret To Increase Your Dispensary Sales

If you own and operate a dispensary in any part of the country, you’re constantly looking for ways to increase revenue without increasing your overhead. This is one of the big goals for any business buying and selling bulk terpenes. You’re not alone in this endeavor. Thousands of businesses across the country are using the […]

Terpene Tuesday – Meteor Terpenes

The Geminids Meteor Shower peaks at midnight Thursday, December 13 and with that in mind True Terpenes takes a look at the history of space/meteor terpenes. Meteors, comets and asteroids have attracted human attention for thousands of years. As such we’ve been collecting and investigating what they’re made of to help us understand space. Interestingly, […]

True Terpenes presents: A terpene-infused holiday meal by Chef Brandon Allen

Cannabis educator and award-winning Chef Brandon Allen gives the True Terpenes audience a run down on how to prepare a spectacular holiday feast that will enhance any gathering. The secret ingredient in this meal is True Terpenes. Watch the video and follow along below to learn how to make this yourself. Fresh Cranberry Sauce Cranberries          […]

Ant repellent terpenes

Last week’s Terpene Tuesday on the terpenes found in ants got a lot of response, and it also drew a lot of questions. One of the common threads was centered on the question: are there any terpenes that repel ants? According to some research it appears there are. A study done in Argentina on leaf-cutting […]

Terpenes in Ants

Terpenes are best known for being found in plants like cannabis, but Terpene Tuesday this week is a bit outside the box, or well in this case kingdom. We’re shifting to the animal kingdom and taking a look at the terpene content in ants, specifically Monomorium Chinense Santschi. Researchers in China recently investigated how Santschi […]

The Entourage Effect of Candles

Newport Beach, California’s Buz Meraki is a candle producer that embraces the power of terpenes. At just about a year in the business, the company continues to shape its line as it learns more about this constantly evolving space. Buz Meraki’s candles are inspired by iconic strains like Super Lemon Haze, Granddaddy Purple and Blue […]

Ancient Amber Terpenes

In a scene reminiscent of Jurassic Park, scientists have pulled ancient life out of amber. However, instead of a dinosaur… they found terpenes. Workers in the Indian state of Arunachal Prades, which is located in the Northeast in the Himalayas, discovered a layer of fossilized leaves, flowers and other plant matter dating to around 3 […]

Are birds guided by terpenes?

It looks like Toucan Sam may not be the only bird that follows his nose. It’s long been believed that birds don’t have a highly developed sense of smell, and they primarily use strong eyesight to track down prey. However, in a recent study scientists at the University of Delaware discovered that insectivorous birds are […]

Content Creator: David Heldreth of True Terpenes & Panacea Plant Sciences

If you combine 2 parts Walter Cronkite, 1 part Hunter S. Thompson, 1 part Mr. Wizard and roll it into a joint with some high terpene plants, you’d get a pretty good idea of who David Heldreth is. Heldreth is a longtime journalist, covering everything from hurricanes in the British Virgin Islands to LAPD manhunts. […]

Terpenes teach us about ancient humans diets and lifestyle

Researchers in Australia are using terpenes to learn more about the past. The team from the University of Wollongong in New South Wales was studying a group of artifacts found at an archaeological site in a cave called Liang Bua in Indonesia. The cave at Liang Bua has been the site of hominid species for […]

Content Creator: Ben Cassiday of True Terpenes

Ben Cassiday may be best known as the co-founder of True Terpenes, however, he has deep roots in expanding access to alternative therapies. Cassiday’s first foray into the field of plant medicine began with his work to help patients with cancer, epilepsy and other intractable illnesses gain access to medical cannabis licenses in the state […]


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