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california hemp regulations

California Regulations Leave Little Room for Business

  Let True Terpenes be your guide and flavor solution for the cannabis market* The laws and regulations in California are notoriously convoluted, especially those related to the cannabis plant. The legislative process has now created a reality where CBD from hemp is illegal for food use, while the same compounds are legal when used […]

Chef Sable

Chef Sable presents a True Terpenes infused Egg Drop Soup

This recipe is brought to you by the Cannabis Chef Union. They connect cannabis, chefs, customers and education in the US. Chef Sable, on Instagram as @Sativa_Sista brings us a terpene infused Egg Drop Soup. Her food is described as: “A fusion of southern & midwestern home style & influenced by the Far East, Sable […]

Terpene Tuesday: LED lights and Cannabis terpenes

The University of Guelph is lighting the way on cannabis cultivation and terpene science with their newest study. Scientists from the University of Guelph, an agriculture college located in Canada, are studying the effects of supplemental light from below the canopy on cannabis cultivation. They looked at the bud to plant ratio, cannabinoid contents and […]

Forest for the Trees: Features Ladies of Paradise

Forest for the Trees sat down with Jade Daniels, Harlee Case, Leighana Lynn, and Maddie Leighman of the Ladies of Paradise to discuss their newest projects, the amazingly large female presence in the cannabis industry and how they got started. Ladies of Paradise is a female lead, cannabis-centric business based in Portland, Oregon that is […]

Forest for the Trees: Featuring Joy Beckerman President of the Hemp Industry Association

Joy Beckerman has led the charge for hemp legalization through activism for decades. This inspired her to form Hemp Ace International, the business with which she helps guide her clients through the agricultural, regulatory and economic issues surrounding hemp. She was elected President of the Hemp Industry Association in 2017 and currently heads that organization. […]

Terpene Tuesday: Blue Sky Terpenes

What is responsible for the smell and taste of cannabis? Terpenes. What are the main components in essential oils? Terpenes. Even the age old question of why is the sky blue? Terpenes. Well terpenes, ozone and the sun to be more specific. It seems that as sunlight enters the atmosphere it is refracted by a […]

Terpene Tuesday New Year’s Day Edition: Champagne Terpenes

In honor of New Year’s Day, True Terpenes takes a look at the terpenes that are present in the champagne you might have drank last night. Champagne, like most wines, is made from white grapes which are known to contain large amounts of the terpenes. Like cannabis, each cultivar of grape contains its own terpene […]

How Dispensaries Use Terpenes To Increase Revenue

As a dispensary, helping customers while increasing revenue is the name of the game. Your budtenders and other sales people need to understand that to increase revenue, they need to focus on the existing customers. Granted, you will want to grow your client base with new customers, but around 80 percent of your overall revenue […]

True Terpenes presents: A terpene-infused holiday meal by Chef Brandon Allen

Cannabis educator and award-winning Chef Brandon Allen gives the True Terpenes audience a run down on how to prepare a spectacular holiday feast that will enhance any gathering. The secret ingredient in this meal is True Terpenes. Watch the video and follow along below to learn how to make this yourself. Fresh Cranberry Sauce Cranberries          […]

Terpenes in Ants

Terpenes are best known for being found in plants like cannabis, but Terpene Tuesday this week is a bit outside the box, or well in this case kingdom. We’re shifting to the animal kingdom and taking a look at the terpene content in ants, specifically Monomorium Chinense Santschi. Researchers in China recently investigated how Santschi […]

The Entourage Effect of Candles

Newport Beach, California’s Buz Meraki is a candle producer that embraces the power of terpenes. At just about a year in the business, the company continues to shape its line as it learns more about this constantly evolving space. Buz Meraki’s candles are inspired by iconic strains like Super Lemon Haze, Granddaddy Purple and Blue […]

True Terpenes launches new strain profiles

True Terpenes would like to announce an otherworldly special addition to our product line. We are proud to introduce our newest botanical terpene profiles: Wedding Cake, Grapefruit Romulan, Thin Mint Cookies, Limoncello and Black Lime. Wedding Cake is a mash-up of sweet, pastry-named varieties to create a profile good enough for any special day. Cherry […]

Meat terpenes?

While we’re accustomed to testing for terpenes in the plants that humans consume, a group of Croatian scientists went a step further testing to see how smoking meats altered the terpene content. The scientists were looking into the provenance/terroir or how the geographic origin affect a food or drink, in this case: Dalmatian dry cured […]

Content Creator Series: Chef Bray’s Terpene-Infused Olive Oil

Decorative Infused Olive Oil Bottle By Chef Bray for True Terpenes Featured Terpene Profile – OG Kush Ingredients: 10 Cloves Garlic 1 Red Bell Pepper 1 Orange Bell Pepper 1 Yellow Bell Pepper 1 Bunch of Rosemary ¼ tsp Salt 16 oz. bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1-2 drops of your favorite True Terpene […]

Terpenes may stimulate plant growth

It looks like even plants prefer an entourage effect to the use of singular compounds. A new study out of Germany is showing that terpenes from the Peppermint plant may have a place in the future of sustainable, organic farming. The scientists coplanted two varieties of peppermint (Mutlimentha/MM and English/E) into test crops of Brassica […]

Kitchen Toke features True Terpenes in Recipe

If you’re looking for new recipes for your True Terpenes collection, you may want to invest in a subscription to Kitchen Toke. Kitchen Toke is a national food magazine that focuses on cooking with cannabis from a recreational and medical standpoint. The publication features recipes that are infused with everything from cannabis leaf and flower […]

The Terpene Profile of Pumpkins

It’s October and nearly time for Halloween. Pumpkin carvings are starting to appear on porches and in window sills across the country. Pretty soon it’ll be time for costume parties and trick or treating. True Terpenes wanted to celebrate the season by sharing the essential oil and terpene profile of Pumpkins. Pumpkins are actually a […]

US Navy patents terpenes as aviation fuel blends

The identity of one of the largest researchers into terpene technology may come as a surprise to most in the world – the United States Navy. When most people discover or utilize terpenes in recent years the focus has tended to be on their medical uses for things like pain treatments (myrcene) or reducing anxiety […]

True Terpenes & Cannagather team up for Terpene Cocktails in NY

Have you heard the news? Terpenes are finding their way into a growing number of foods and drinks across the country. One of the most exciting spaces has to be in alcohol. From beer to cocktails, a small but growing number of beverage creatives and brands have found ways to work the aromatic profiles and […]


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