TERP Wall™
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Experience the True Terpenes


Are you curious what terpenes are? Do you learn from lectures or getting your hands dirty? Here at True Terpenes we’ve found people retain information when it’s mixed with some fun and stimulates your senses.

True Terpenes blends terpenes, science and high art. The TERP Wall™ allows you to smell and take in terpene education, while also experiencing a beautiful display. The TERP Wall™ is an interactive, educational terpene experience. It takes terpenes from an abstract concept to something you can see, smell and touch.

The TERP Wall™ features the six most prominent terpenes in cannabis and the plant kingdom: alpha-pinene, limonene, beta-caryophyllene, terpinolene, myrcene and linalool. Each terpene has graphics that illustrate how they enhance your cannabis experience, and a list of cannabis profiles that contain these terpenes. And of course, please smell our terps.

You can catch the True Terpene team and our TERP Wall™ at events like OutsideLands, SXSW and MJBIZCON.