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Alpha Phellandrene

A pleasant aroma and flavor, with citrus, mint, and pepper hints

Terpene Isolate: Alpha Phellandrene

Pronunciation: Al-fa Fell-ann-dreen

Alpha Phellandrene is a secondary terpene that holds a pleasant scent most associated with frankincense and eucalyptus. It has been a staple terpene for centuries, most used for its antibacterial properties and to treat digestive disorders. This terpene is often mistaken for Limonene and Pinene.

Terpene Isolate Alpha Phellandrene

General Overview:


Initial animal studies show that Alpha Phellandrene may have antinociceptive properties, which affect the body’s response to harmful toxins. It has been shown to hold anti-depressant effects in animal models when used alongside Limonene. When its antibacterial properties have been investigated, it’s shown to be effective against certain fungi and suppress intercellular bacterial growth. Animal studies show that it may also work as an anti-inflammatory, with the ability to modulate inflammation by decreasing it at the source. This terpene is also being researched for its potential anti-cancer properties, with the study showing that it can decrease the viability of human liver tumor cells.

Common Uses

Alpha Phellandrene is often used in fragrances and cosmetic products because of its pleasant scent and quick absorption by the skin. When diluted, it’s common to use eucalyptus oil on bites, scratches, cuts, or burns.


Alpha Phellandrene was first isolated from the eucalyptus plant. It can also be found richly in frankincense and some amounts in dill, black pepper, mint, parsley, cinnamon, lavender, pine, ginger grass, and water fennel.

Aroma & Flavor

Alpha Phellandrene holds a pleasant aroma and flavor, with citrus, mint, woody, and pepper hints.


In studies on animal models, it has been shown that when used alongside Limonene, Alpha Phellandrene may produce antidepressant effects.

A Deeper Dive:

Synonyms (also known as)

Alpha Phellandrene is also known as:

  • 5-isopropyl-2-methyl-1,3-cyclohexadiene
  • alpha phellandrene
  • alpha phellandrene, (+-)-isomer
  • alpha phellandrene, (R)-isomer
  • alpha phellandrene, (S+)-isomer
  • alpha-phellandrene
  • p-mentha-1,5-diene

Technical Specifications

Chemical Structure

Alpha Phellandrene is Found In

Alpha Phellandrene is a secondary terpene that can be found in the following cannabis cultivars in a higher concentration:


Live Resin – Jack

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