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Chef Recipe: Haupia (hawaiian coconut pudding)

terpene enhanced haupia

Haupia Hawaiian coconut pudding

Renowned Cannabis chef, Sebastian Carosi makes us an elevated edible that relies on a Hawaiian classic with a twist.

All rights reserved, Sebastain Carosi. Special thanks to Magical Butter

prep time:  10-15 minutes

cook time:  15-20 minutes

wait time:  overnight (I know, I know)

yield:  32 squares

total thc/cbd: depends on the potency of the cannabis sugar and cannabis vanilla used

equipment needed:

whisk, can opener, medium saucepan, rubber spatula, 9×13 baking dish, chef’s knife, cutting board, platter

provisions needed:

2 cups coconut milk (full fat in a 14oz can from the grocery store)

1 cup sugar (cannabis sugar, maple syrup, or agave nectar is okay)

1 cup non-gmo cornstarch (or the traditional arrowroot is a better choice, its actually called pia in HI)

1 cup mb2e coconut milk (or almond milk or oatmeal milk or actual milk from a cow)

1 tsp pure vanilla extract (cannabis vanilla made in the mb2e is okay also)

2 drops true terpenes myrcene

how to make it:

-combine canned coconut milk, coconut milk or cream, sugar, salt and cornstarch in a medium saucepan.

-over medium heat stir the mixture constantly until thick and smooth like yogurt, with a slight sheen.

-add the terpenes, mix well.

-pour the mixture into a 9×13 baking dish.

-place the haupia into the fridge overnight.

-remove from the fridge and cut into small squares.

-serve and enjoy with family and friends…

the source:

by chef sebastian carosi    @chef_sebastian_carosi  on Instagram


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