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The 10 Terpenes You Need to Know About, Part VIII – Terpineol

If you suffer from high energy or discomfort, Terpineol may be a great natural solution. True Terpenes offers a wide selection of isolate and strain-specific terpenes for sale online. All of True Terpenes’ products are certified food-grade, non-GMO, organic, and natural. In the last post of this series we discussed Eucalyptol, and in the following post, we will share the terpene profile for Terpineol.

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What is Terpineol?

Terpineol is a monoterpene, and it is usually a mixture of its four isomers. Alpha-Terpineol is usually the major constituent. It can be sourced from petitgrain oil (citrus aurantium), pine oil (pinus), and cajuput oil (Melaleuca cajuputi). As an isolate, this terpene is a solid, so do not be alarmed when you receive your bottle from True Terpenes if you notice crystals inside. Simply heat the bottle in warm water and wait until the crystals liquify.

The terpene emits a variety of scents like citrus, floral, and pine. In combination with its aroma, Terpineol offers a fresh-mint oil flavor with slight hints of apple blossom and lilac.

You will find Terpineol as one of many terpenes in strains like Skywalker OG, Fire OG, Jack Herer, and Jack crossbreeds.

Terpineol has been used medicinally to reduce seizures, manage pain, reduce inflammation alongside bacteria-growth prevention and gastroprotection.

Why Use Terpineol?

You will experience a soothing focus when you ingest Terpineol isolate. Also, inhaling Terpineol has been reported to lead to a deep chill. You’ll find Terpineol in essential oils that are warming and uplifting. The terpene occurs in many essential oils like Cupressaceae, Pinaceae, and lavandin.

If you’re struggling with unwinding, Terpineol may be right for you. You can order your bottle of isolate online, or you can find a terpene strain for sale that utilizes Terpineol to get your desired effects.

Terpineol has also been reported as a great way to manage discomfort, which means you can enjoy a great night without waking up to discomfort.



How to Use Terpineol

It’s common for True Terpenes customers to utilize Terpineol primarily as a flavoring agent. This means you can add the isolate to an evening tea or your favorite food. The minty flavoring and pine aroma can add a great soothing experience to any beverage or meal.

You can also use Terpineol in baked goods, homemade chewing gum, as a condiment, in dairy products, or candy.

Those currently making their own soaps and cosmetic products will also find Terpineol as a useful aroma enhancer.

True Terpenes Offers Terpenes for Sale Online!

True Terpenes’ isolates and strains are certified non-GMO, organic, natural, and food-grade quality. A large majority of our terpenes are steam distilled to keep potency high in the extracted isolates. If you’re looking for a new terpene to try, shop our terpenes online for sale now! In our next post, we will share the terpene Caryophyllene.

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