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Terpenes Profile: Alpha Bisabolol

At True Terpenes, we offer a wide variety of terpenes to enhance your experience. Whether you are looking for help with soothing, or perhaps an energy boost, our terpenes are just what you are looking for. With food-grade, natural, organic, and non-GMO terpenes, there’s no way to go wrong. We believe in empowering our clients with a thorough knowledge and understanding of our terpenes, how best to use them, and how they can help improve lives. Read on to learn more about one of our favorite terpenes, Alpha Bisabolol.

Alpha Bisabolol

With a notable citrus scent and a hint of floral, Alpha Bisabolol is certainly a fresh and clean fragrance. Many users notice even the smallest hint of pepper, which helps it stand apart from similarly-smelling terpenes. Some of the strains most known for their Alpha Bisabolol content include NYC Diesel, Diamond Girl, Gorilla Glue, Pink Kush, Master Kush, Oracle, and Rockstar. Most Alpha Bisabolol is found in German chamomile flowers.

What does this terpene do?

Alpha Bisabolol terpenes have a variety of effects, which is why it is so commonly used. Some have even suggested that it makes a quality deodorizer for those who are trying to freshen up an area. And finally, the cosmetic industry loves Alpha Bisabolol for its use on skin; beauty companies have been using this terpene for years in their products.

How can I locate this terpene?

If you are a tea drinker, you have probably smelled the Alpha Bisabolol terpene without even knowing it! For those of you who can identify the smell of chamomile, identifying Alpha Bisabolol terpenes should be a breeze. It’s the Bisabolol that gives the chamomile tea its distinct and soothing smell. However, those of you who do not recognize the scent of chamomile should search for earthy scents that seem to have floral aromas overtop. This scent may be somewhat pungent, with a musky spice to it.

True Terpenes and Alpha Bisabolol

At True Terpenes, we offer products like Alpha Bisabolol for businesses like yours to share with the world. Each of our terpenes is food-grade, natural, organic, and non-GMO—you can always expect the highest quality on the market. Add our terpenes to concentrates, edibles, or whatever you think would benefit most. Reach out to us today to learn more about our terpene offerings, how you can order, and how best to distribute the products.

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