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True Terpenes and Pioneering Cannabis Researcher, Dr. Ethan Russo, Launch Three New Effect-Based Terpene Blends

True Terpenes, the leading platform for terpenes innovation, has launched Terpology blends: Rest, Creative, Recovery.
These products are the latest from “Terpology by Dr. Ethan Russo,” an exclusive line of effects-based terpene blends.
When combined with cannabis or CBD, infused in cosmetics or placed in a diffuser, these blends create a more
balanced and pleasant experience and encourage users to enjoy a restful night, inspire creativity, or to help them
alleviate minor discomfort and recover for a healthy lifestyle.

Terpenes enhance 􀂧avors and aromas. When inhaled, consumed, or applied to
the skin, terpenes improve our moods and amplify pleasurable experiences.
Plants, animals, microbes and fungi all produce terpenes to grow, thrive, protect
themselves, and boost their respective immune systems. That’s why we refer
to terpenes as nature’s building blocks.

Every day, scientists discover new terpenes—and more innovative ways to use
them to help people feel better.

“Terpology by Dr. Ethan Russo” is now available in six effects. The quotes below
on Terpology are cited from Dr. Russo.

In reference to the three new effects blends:
Rest: “Essential oils are often associated with restful qualities, and terpenes
myrcene and linalool are renowned for their soothing effect. These are
combined with select aromatics to round out the serene calm blend.”

Creative: “What is the essence of creativity that will foster novel ideas and their
execution? A blend of limonene, citronellol, phellandrene, alpha-pinene and
linalool with select aromatics to spur the imagination.”

Recovery: “The terpenoids in this formula, linalool, limonene and a touch of
myrcene, complement beta-caryophyllene.”

In reference to the three existing effects blends:
Focus: “I designed Focus based on a foundation of mind-clearing alpha pinene
and the even-keel of linalool to create a balance between stimulation and calmness. The other components share a common thread with essential oils to help facilitate concentration.”

Energy: “An energizing experience requires a combination of improved concentration with a bit of excitement. alphaand
beta-pinene combine for an invigorating pine-scented foundation.”

Calm: “Calm is based on the relaxing foundation and interplay of linalool and limonene.. Limonene has a moodelevating
effect tempered with the ability of linalool to enhance a person’s ability to unwind from a busy world.”
General Terpology quotes:

“Science is the backbone of the Terpology blends. They were designed to give users a consistent and pleasant
experience every time they are used. They can be added to a wide range of products to enhance smell and
encourage speci􀂦c moodstates. I look forward to continuing my work with True Terpenes, expanding the line and
continuing to educate people about the bene􀂦ts of terpenes.” – Dr. Ethan Russo, True Terpenes Science Advisory
Board Member and Creator of Terpology.

“Dr. Russo is at the forefront of terpene research and innovation, making him the ideal candidate to design an
original product line for True Terpenes. As a company, we are continuously looking for new and exciting ways to
bring terpenes into people’s lives, and these effects-based blends are the best way to introduce people to the world
of terpenes.” Chris Campagna, CEO, True Terpenes.

Dr. Russo is a board-certi􀂦ed neurologist and a research pioneer in cannabis and psychopharmacology. His work
has helped popularize the entourage effect, where the bene􀂦ts of medical cannabis can be enhanced when
combined with terpenes. He is also a member of the recently launched True Terpenes Scienti􀂦c Advisory Board
where he is working alongside pharmaceutical expert, Dr. Randall Murphy, to advance terpenes research.
“Terpology by Dr. Ethan Russo” effects-based terpene pro􀂦les are available today in a variety of sizes exclusively at

About True Terpenes
True Terpenes, a fully owned subsidiary of True Companies, is the industry-leading producer of effects-based,
GMP/ISO/FSSC-certi􀂦ed terpenes and terpenoids blends. Using ultra-re􀂦ned botanical terpenes and other aromatic
compounds, the custom terpene blends are used for beverage, cannabis, cosmetic, food, industrial and
pharmaceutical products. The company uses advanced scienti􀂦c analysis to identify terpenes and other
compounds in the cannabis plant for recreation by utilizing other botanicals and hemp-derived ingredients. This
allows companies in various industries looking to leverage cannabis 􀂧avors and effects with a scalable,
standardized, and worldwide legal solution.

Any forward-looking statements included in this document are made as of the date of this document and
Corporation disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a
result of new information, future events or otherwise. Although management of the Corporation believes that the
expectations represented in such forward-looking statements are reasonable, there can be no assurance that such
expectations will prove to be correct.

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