True Terpenes & Cannagather team up for Terpene Cocktails in NY

Have you heard the news? Terpenes are finding their way into a growing number of foods and drinks across the country. One of the most exciting spaces has to be in alcohol. From beer to cocktails, a small but growing number of beverage creatives and brands have found ways to work the aromatic profiles and effects of terpenes into their work.

Big name brewers and mixologists alike now embrace what terpenes can do for their drinks. That includes notable names like Lagunitas. The California brewers owned by Heineken became the first notable name to foray into the cannabis space with their beer SuperCritical. Recently, Lagunitas went one step further by creating a hoppy, sparkling water which replaced its liquor content with THC.

Cocktails, in particular, appear to be a space buzzing with excitement over terpenes. Receiving next-big-thing sort of traction, terpenes are starting to become the must-have in adventurous menus. One bar to gain a good deal of attention for its terpene infusions is Los Angeles’ Prank Bar. Owner Dave Whitton told PRøHBTD earlier this year about Prank Bar’s process to terpenes. “We not only wanted to be legal, but we love the idea behind terpenes and how un-scary it is for people.” In addition to drinks, the bar educates customers on popular terpenes. “Inside our menu book, we have a terpene page that lists the five different terpenes we use most frequently and what effects they have on your body. We educate strain line by strain line on terpenes and where they come from.”

From private, exclusive gatherings to networking events, terpenes are finding their way into cocktails to enhance the experience. Thomas LaRossa, Mixologist for New York City’s CannaGather networking events and Marketing Manager for SCORES NY, told us that, “Mixologists are constantly looking for new and unique ways to make the liquor, fruit and bitters more well balanced. Terpenes are an excellent way of adding a healthy twist to classic cocktails.”

Each month, LaRossa selects a special drink for that month’s group of guests. In April, True Terpenes was proud to be on-hand at CannaGather to co-sponsor that month’s event. That night, we teamed with LaRossa and CannaGather to bring some exciting terpene infused drinks to guests at the packed event. Two drinks were served that night:


Blood & Cookies

.75oz Walker Black Scotch

.75oz Antica Formula Vermouth

.75oz Cherry Heering

.75oz fresh OJ

50uL Orange Cookies

Stirred, served up with a Toschi cherry garnish

French Express

2oz Stoli Vanilla

1oz Pineapple Juice

.25 Chambord

25uL Pineapple Express

In addition to helping with the drinks, the True Terpenes team was in action, meeting with attendees at our table with a slew of samples to take home. Just as thrilling as it was being part of some dynamic drinks, it was just as much a thrill to introduce numerous folks to terpenes that night.

Terpenes represent just one of several exciting worlds under the cannabis umbrella that is only now being explored. By further entering into food and beverages, bartenders, chefs and consumers alike now get to experience what a touch of Banana Kush can have on a brew, or Mimosa can have on a, well, mimosa! Terpenes offer food and beverage creatives an array of opportunities to provide new aromas, flavors and effects to their work. In time, terpenes should continue to become part of the food and beverage industry fabric. With loads of strains, bitters, alcohol and other elements to work with, the creations are just about as endless as the mind can comprehend.


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