True Terpenes Content Creator: Andrew Ward

Andrew Ward is a cannabis industry writer with over eight years of professional writing experience.

After years of college radio, amateur screenwriting and other creative endeavors, Ward began writing marketing copy for a variety of companies and brands in freelance and fulltime capacities. Through the years, he would hone his craft working for notable brands like AOL as well as a variety of startups. In 2017, Ward saw an opportunity in the rapidly emerging cannabis space and began writing for the market.

Ward’s work can be found on a variety of publications, including PROHBTD, Civilized, PotGuide and several others. He has also worked with companies in a variety of spaces. In addition to True Terpenes, Ward has worked with dispensaries, extractors, accessories and other areas of the industry. For a look at his work, visit his portfolio. You can also read his take on the history and cultural significance of the strain profiles that True Terpenes features.

“I see the industry moving at light speed. It’s amazing how much has changed in just the short time I’ve been involved. Learning and growing with this space is an honor that I immensely enjoy learning about.”

Helping craft the precise words has always been a joy for Ward in his personal and professional life. Today, he writes out of his Brooklyn, NY apartment and is open to where the industry could take him in the months and years ahead.

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