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True Terpenes Outside Lands 2018 Grass Lands recap

True Terpenes presents a look back at the first year of the Outside Lands interactive cannabis experience Grass Lands and introducing the world to terpenes.

Our team joined the top cannabis brands in California to represent the growing industry to the public. Everything from delivery services to cultivators were on hand to talk to the crowds. While we definitely had some fun at Outside Lands, it was also an incredible chance to communicate, educate and interact with a diverse, vast group of people about the cannabis and terpene experience.

With our focus on enhancing the taste, aroma and experience of everything from vape products to beverages True Terpenes got the call from Berner himself to take it old school with our own Lemonade Stand. Our terpenes powered tasty, functional drinks inspired by some of the finest strains of cannabis including his new Lemonade.

A great counterpoint to the lemonade, our interactive smell wall made the most of an opportunity to educate the masses about terpenes. Our thanks go to our friends at Mesh Ventures, Berner’s Lemonade and Outside Lands. We look forward to seeing you next year.

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