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Washington Vape Ban

The Washington State ban on flavors expires this weekend.

The Washington State emergency ban on non-cannabis derived terpenes and flavors expires this weekend.

Saturday, February 8 marks the first day that Washington State cannabis retailers will be able to begin selling flavored products to their customers. The Washington State Board of Health voted to institute a 120-day long ban on flavors and non-cannabis ingredients in October following an outbreak of what the CDC has termed “e-cigarette, or vaping, product use-associated lung injury (EVALI).” The cause of the illness was unknown, but the CDC has now acknowledged that Vitamin E Acetate is the key driver of the outbreak and not flavoring or terpenes. 

The rules for cannabis vapor products will now snap back to the previous rules which allowed a wide range of flavoring and terpene options including True Terpenes Precision and Infused profiles along with our Terp Flavors.

However, it’s important to be aware of pending legislation in the Washington State legislature which will place restrictions on products if enacted. SB 6579 and HB 2826 would ban synthetic flavors, restrict flavorings to only compounds that have been found in the cannabis plant previously and those that mimic the terpene profile of a cannabis plant. HB 2826 is expected to be moved to the floor for a vote after its hearing in the house committee for commerce and gaming on February 3. It’s unknown if this bill will pass or if the state will remain without a cannabis vaping flavor restriction.

For more information reach out to our True Terpenes Washington representative directly at (888) 602-8441.


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