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Colorado, Important update re: Vape Ban

Our All-Natural Profiles are Compliant in Colorado!

A quick update on the current state and future of the cannabis vape market in Colorado. All trends show Vape products steadily increasing even after the cyclical drop the cannabis industry typically sees in September.

Colorado saw cannabis vape sales drop by 23% from August 2019 to September 2019. And that was part of a larger national trend in states where marijuana is legal. Nationally, sales of all cannabis products were down 9% from August to September.

Even that 23% drop in Colorado sales isn’t as grand as it may sound. Vape products have steadily increased their market share since the state was the first to implement a regulated recreational cannabis market in 2014, jumping from 3.2% of total cannabis consumer spending that year to 18% in 2019. In fact, that 23% drop from August to September was actually a year-over-year gain in vape sales. A fact, the report says, shows just how rapidly growing the popularity of vape products truly is.

Colorado allows botanical terpenes and terpenoids though we’ve seen other states enact legislation that could restrict flavors to only include all-natural terpene blends. Below, is a list of our all-natural blends. Stay tuned to your MED contact and True Terpenes rep for updates.

Please feel free to reach out via phone, text, or email. We’d be happy to provide samples of formulas that should be compliant for use now and in the future.

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