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Oklahoma, Important update re: Vape Ban

Our entire catalog is compliant for Oklahoma!

It has been a wild ride for the vaping industry but we are seeing improving trends and increased safety nationwide. After the CDC has shared its findings that vitamin e acetate is the compound responsible for what regulators are calling EVALI (e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury) we’ve seen a greater interest in the individual ingredients used in vape products.

We recognize there is increased scrutiny over what goes into vape and concentrate formulations. We’re here for you, and are happy to provide COAs and ingredients lists. As always, our products do not contain Vitamin E Acetate or any other thickeners.

We encourage using only cGMP and ISO audited and certified profiles. These certifications show that a producer has strict standards in place regarding the sourcing and production of their products.  As always, for your peace of mind and ours, we are cGMP, ISO-9001:2015, FSSC 22000 Audited & Certified. 

Please feel free to reach out via phone, text, or email. We’d be happy to talk about the pending legislation, as well as provide samples of formulas that should be compliant for use now and in the future.

Updated 03/06/2020

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