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6 Profitable Reason To Buy Wholesale Terpenes In Bulk

Whether you’re a retailer, dispensary, manufacturer, or extractor, you can gain profits with terpenes. In fact, terpenes have been shown to be great primary products for retailers, as well as cross- or up-sell items at the POS.

B2C and B2B businesses can leverage the wonderful wave of terpene isolates and strains rushing across the nation to help customers find an effect they enjoy and increase business revenue. In this article, True Terpenes will share the six profitable reasons to buy wholesale terpenes in bulk.

Six Profitable Reason To Buy Wholesale Terpenes

#1. Strain Specific Profiles

Not only does True Terpenes offer terpene isolates, but we offer more than 25 strain specific profiles that can be purchased in bulk. You can purchase your retail pack case in one strain or a variety. Being able to purchase terpenes for sale in bulk allows you to save money on the back end with sales. The larger relative stock you have available, the more you can sell to increase revenue.

#2. Flavoring

Do you have a favorite color? How do you like your favorite food prepared and cooked? As humans, we all have preferences for each and every part of our lives. The same goes for terpene flavors. Those who enjoy terpenes regularly do have preferences with effects and flavors. A profitable way to use terpenes is to buy the popular flavors and effects currently selling so that you can get them to your customers. Ignoring this one simple fact could net you a loss in terpene revenue. Listen to the market and deliver.

#3. Effects

As mentioned in number two, the effects of the terpene product, whether an isolate or strain is a preference for customers. Some prefer to unwind and chill out. Others need a little energy boost. Use your POS system to discover what is actually selling, connect a few data points, and buy the top three terpene effects that sell well in bulk. This way, your customers never have to be told that you’re out of stock.

What’s more, you can start to up-sell other flavors that provide the same effect, which broadens your customer’s exposure to your products. This increases the likelihood that your customers will refer new customers to you.

#4. Certified Natural & Organic

A controversial conversation is occurring as you read this post. The global market is in a small uproar of what is considered natural and/or organic. Major companies slap organic and natural on their labels to reach their changing customer-based, but it’s mostly in an effort to stay top of mind.

As a retailer, manufacturer, or extractor, a certified natural and organic product is like pure gold. Your customers are looking for more responsible ways to enjoy their favorite terpenes, and you can give that to them with the certified True Terpenes products.

#5. Legal Worldwide

One of the biggest barriers to cannabis-derived terpenes is the legality of the product. In the United States, the source of the terpene product does affect how it’s received by state and federal government. The True Terpenes product is legal worldwide. Our terpenes are derived from non-cannabis sources, which means they can be sold anywhere. This allows you to sell terpenes now, everywhere, instead of in specific states, regions, or areas due to legal reasons.

#6. No VG, PG, PEG, MCT

Simply put: True Terpenes offers only natural, organic, non-GMO, food-grade products to its customers, whether direct or through retail, manufacturers, or extractors. The responsible sourcing of our products are a huge selling point for customers. Customers are demanding more information on where their consumables come from and how they are sourced. Being able to provide this up-front and without worry helps sell more product.

True Terpenes: Your Supplier For Wholesale Terpenes In Bulk

When you choose True Terpenes, you get more than a great product. Not only are our products certified natural, organic, non-GMO, and food-grade, but we take the sourcing and manufacturing of our isolates and strains seriously. Our mission is to provide you with the best terpene products on the market. Shop our terpenes for sale online now or miss out on our great deals you won’t find anywhere else!

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