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LTRMN launches True Terpenes powered BEZEL product line

You may be tasting True Terpenes strain profiles a lot more often if you live in Oregon.

Bezel, a premiere cartridge brand based in Portland, Oregon; has launched a new line of distillate based products that feature True Terpenes botanical-terpene strain profiles.

Bezel is the newest branch of the tree that is LTRMN, a brand house that has created several leading Oregon brands such as preroll giants Sticks and Cabana. LTRMN exists where form, function and fashion merge in the cannabis space.

Cannabis extracts and flowers, like the plants they come from are unique and individual. That diversity is part of the allure of the experience. However, small changes in a plant’s environment, the way it’s extracted or any other factor can also alter the terpene profile which will change the taste, aroma and effect. That’s why Bezel is formulating their vape products from distilled cannabinoids and True Terpenes terpene profiles.

The distillation process allows Bezel to isolate the cannabinoids, remove impurities and give consumers the same THC or CBD content in each vape cart. Unlike the cannabis plant, True Terpenes strain profiles are formulated exactly the same every time. These two factors combine to give Bezel the ability to create a replicable experience for their customer.

“Working with True Terpenes was no-brainer,” says Phil Kirkland who oversees Product Strategy at LTRMN. “Guiding these experiences for consumers is key to our growth and building brand affinity for the long term.”

Sticking to keeping it simple, Bezel’s packaging revolves around the opposing effects: Active+Social (featuring profiles such as True Terpenes Durban Poison) or Calm+Relaxed (with profiles such as True Terpenes OG Kush). Then you just need to pick your compound THC, CBD or soon THC/CBD, and you’re out the door ready to experience the aroma, flavor and effects of your favorite True Terpenes strain profiles paired with Bezel’s potent, pure distillate.

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