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The Benefits of Wholesale Terpene Bulk Purchases For Retailers

As a business owner or stock manager, you want to increase revenue, and there are a few ways you can do that. You can sell more of what you already offer. You can raise your prices. Or, you can introduce a new product line to your existing customers. Similar to regulars at a restaurant or fans of a brand, you need to wow your customers with something new, but not something so wild that it deters them from every trusting you again. In fact, you know what your customers want, because they keep telling you. They want pure terpenes.

In this post, True Terpenes will address the lingering hesitation in retailers to buy terpenes in bulk. It’s a great way to stock your shelves, and it will reduce cost of your product substantially so that you have a greater profit later. Finally, it will also touch on how ordering wholesale terpenes in bulk will save you time.

The Benefits Of Buying Terpenes Wholesale

You’re a retail store owner, and you want to stock your shelves with terpenes. There are a dozen companies you could choose, but you narrow your options down to three. They all have a great reputation. They all support and serve their B2B clients. Finally, they all provide high-quality products your customers will absolutely love. So how do you choose? Here are the benefits of purchasing terpenes in bulk from your supplier of choice:

Benefit #1 – Lower Your Overhead Cost

As with most purchases in the market, buying in bulk gives your supplier the chance to reduce the price tag. Will every supplier reduce the cost? Not all of them. But purchasing wholesale terpenes in bulk does offer your supplier the opportunity to help you out. Ask them if they will give you a deal. In fact, this may one of the factors that helps you make a decision on which supplier to choose. Remember, this purchase may lead to more purchases so it’s advantageous for the supplier to give you a great deal.

Benefit #2 – Keep Your Customers Happy Longer

When you choose to purchase terpenes in bulk, you take advantage of the opportunity to keep your customers happy for longer between orders. In fact, the introduction of terpenes to your products may increase revenue due to your customers wanting to give them a try. A bulk order will offer your customers the opportunity to make multiple purchases before you run out of stock.

Benefit #3 – You Can Test Multiple Flavors

One of the toughest decisions to make as a retailer: which flavors to offer your customers. How do you know what the majority of your customers will enjoy? In most cases, you don’t know 100 percent. That’s why buying a bulk terpene order will give you flavors to test against your market. Discover what the top three flavors are and order a second order to keep those customers happy while you find a fourth, fifth, or sixth flavor to keep on the shelf.

True Terpenes Offers Wholesale Terpenes

When you choose to purchase terpenes in bulk from True Terpenes, you get a top-quality product. As one of the leaders in the terpene industry, we’re dedicated to delivering only the best terpene profiles and strains to our B2B clients, including retailers, manufacturers, and extractors. Here are some custom blends retailers can offer their customers:

  • Unwinding
  • Soothing
  • Energy
  • Uplifting

Also, retailers will find that purchasing terpenes from True Terpenes offers them the following benefits:

  • 25-Plus Strain Specific Profiles
  • Outstanding Flavoring
  • Enhanced Effects
  • Certified Natural, Organic, and Food-Grade
  • Legal Worldwide
  • No: MCT, VG, PEG, PG
  • Tested at SC LABS

Shop True Terpenes Now

As a business owner, you strive to serve your customers. At True Terpenes, we want to help achieve superior customer satisfaction. Whether you want to sell terpene profiles and strains or upsell your dab customers with terpene liquid, we offer high-quality products so you can do just that.

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