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Bold and juicy DIY blends to create this summer's biggest hits!

Bold and juicy DIY blends
to create this summer's biggest hits!

Discover endless ways to create your next bestseller.

Innovative blends created by you.

Discover endless ways to create your next bestseller.

True Terpenes OG Kush vintage 2022 Live Resin
OG Kush
This classic Kush profiles leads with with a bright citrus mist that hovers over a complex base of dry pine, wood, and deep gas.
GG4 Live Resin - True Terpenes
GG #4
Slight gas and the fresh earthiness of a fallen tree form a complex portal, dusted with sweetness and lime zest.
Granddaddy Purple
Notes of sandalwood, sweet purple berries, and blueberry syrup meld with pungent skunk and subtle floral undertones.
Jack Live Resin - True Terpenes
A riot of bright citrus and pine gives way to deep fuel notes grounded by sweet spice. A cool woodiness brings a cleansing finish.
True Terpenes - Wedding Cake Live Resin
Wedding Cake
Warm teakwood perfectly intertwines with a heavy sweet gas, rounded out by undertones of brown spice with a rich, tangy cheese funk on the finish.


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Portland State University, PAX and True Terpenes Partner to Develop First-of-its-Kind Open Source Cannabis Framework for Safety Evaluation

Research Pioneer, Dr. Ethan Russo Partners with True Terpenes for Exclusive Effects-Based Flavor Line.

The Nose Knows! Study Shows Aroma Drives Cannabis Consumer Appeal


Setting Industry Standards for Testing and Compliance

Dr. Ethan Russo Joins Our Scientific Advisory Board

The Entourage Effect & How Terpenes Play a Key Role

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