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*Sale limited to sizes one ounce and over, excluding Live Resin, Isolates and equipment.

New Pricing for Live Alchemy


Fresh harvest, fresh price!

Celebrate the change in season with blends that capture the tune of your senses.
Available for a limited time while supplies last.

Science-Driven, World-Class Terpenes Manufacturing

Two New Live Alchemy Strains Now Available

HDT + Botanical Terpenes

Two New Live Alchemy Strains Now Available

Two New Live Resin Strains Now Available

Two New Live Resin Strains Now Available

100% All Natural HDT

5 New Strains!

Staff Pick: Orange Creamsicle

Try these amazing new flavors.
20% off on sizes up to 16oz.

Curate Your Terpenes Collection

Custom samples packs in 2ml or 5ml sizes
Split up gallon or half gallon orders at $1.98/ml
If you can dream it, you can own it with customs

Why Our Customers Say We're the Best Terpenes Brand

Shop by Prominent Terpene, 100% Natural Terpenes, Terpene Effect or Terpene Flavor

Prominent Terpene

Shop Profiles by Prominent Terpene. We created a prominence scale to evaluate the impact an individual isolate has in a profile.

Natural Terpenes

Shop Terpene Profiles that are 100% All-Natural. Each strain is botanically sourced, ultra-distilled and 100% all-natural. Only the purest terpenes.

Terpene Effect

Shop Terpene Profiles by your desired Effect. Our blends go far beyond traditional flavors, allowing you to craft a variety of sensory experiences.

Aroma Profiles

Shop Terpene Profiles by your desired Aroma. Whether you prefer something fruity, floral or earthy, we have profiles that span the spectrum.

True Terpenes in the News

True Terpenes Expands Leading Safety Program to Set Industry Standards for Testing and Compliance

Research Pioneer, Dr. Ethan Russo Partners with True Terpenes for Exclusive Effects-Based Flavor Line.

This Is Your Brain On Terpenes


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  • Terpene Education

Setting Industry Standards for Testing and Compliance

Dr. Ethan Russo Joins Our Scientific Advisory Board

The Entourage Effect & How Terpenes Play a Key Role

Learn More About Terpenes and Our Products

What are terpenes? Basic training where we introduce you to the power and potential of aromatics.

Find out how our premium, botanically derived terpenes are sourced, refined and blended.

Our TERP Wall™ educates audiences on the impacts terpenes have on your senses as well as the way they make you feel.

At True Terpenes, safety and quality are our top priorities. Learn more about our standards

Live Resin and Live Alchemy Sample Packs Available Now

With the launch of our Live Alchemy and Live Resin product lines, we curated a collection of exclusive sample packs so you can sample our premium products at an unbeatable value.

Introducing Live Alchemy and Live Resin

True Terpenes is excited to introduce

to our portfolio of products.

These new product lines feature live resin, HDT extracted from premium flower selectively cultivated for its unique terpene profile. For the true connoisseur.


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