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True Terpenes Science Board

Advancing the industry through scientific understanding.

Science-based innovation is the surest way to propel our industry forward.

Our Science Board guides us as we work to advance the scientific understanding of terpenes and cannabis, for the benefit of the consumer and the industry.

Headspace device in the hemp field

Ethan Russo, MD, is a board-certified neurologist, psychopharmacology researcher, and author. He is the Founder and CEO of Previously, Dr. Russo was Director of Research and Development of the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI) based in Prague, Czech Republic, Medical Director of PHYTECS), a biotechnology company researching and developing innovative approaches targeting the human endocannabinoid system, and Senior Medical Advisor, medical monitor and study physician to GW Pharmaceuticals, UK for numerous Phase I-III clinical trials of Sativex® for alleviation of cancer pain unresponsive to optimized opioid treatment and initial studies of Epidiolex® for intractable epilepsy.

True Terpenes Science Advisory Board member Dr. Ethan Russo
True Terpenes Science Advisory Board member Randall Murphy

Dr. Randall Murphy is a former tenured faculty member at New York University who has worked on clinical trials for pharma companies and has launched multiple pharma startups. He also designed laboratories and the widely used standards and practices in place in the U.S. National Bureau of Standards and Center for Analytical Chemistry, and the Staff Research Fellow Laboratory of Biophysical Chemistry.

Jeremy Plumb oversees the hemp program and works closely with strategic partners to lead cultivation and cultivar development. An award-winning cannabis breeder, Plumb has three decades of cannabis horticulture expertise, leading cultivation operations around the world. Engagements include author of peer-reviewed scientific publications; Chief Cultivation Officer for RS Biotherapeutics, Director of Production Science at Pruf Cultivar, co-founder of Farma dispensary; and co-founder of Cultivation Classic. He's acted as a cannabis policy advisor to members of Congress, served on the advisory committee of the Resource Innovation Institute, and is a board member of the Multidimensional Cannabis Research Center in Kathmandu, Nepal.

True Terpenes Science Advisory Board member Jeremy Plumb

Explore recent and groundbreaking contributions by our Science Board Members.


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