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The True Terpenes Story

Everyone in cannabis has a Why. This is ours.


Cannabis is Medicine

Our Founder & CEO Chris Campagna is just a teen when a rare auto-immune disease leaves him paralyzed. Looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals and their side-effects, he finds cannabis. The profound experience stays with Chris beyond his recovery and shapes the course of his life and work.

Chris's backstory: photos of him in the hospital
Dr Ethan Russo & the Entourage Effect graphic


Inspired by the Entourage Effect

The work of Dr. Ethan Russo in his seminal paper "Taming THC" teaches Chris that terpenes are the power behind cannabis and the reason why he prefers the effects of certain strains over others. For Chris, it's the Terpinolene in Durban Poison.


Bringing Terpenes to the Forefront

After a successful business connecting patients with growers during the early days of medical legalization in Oregon, Chris focuses on terpenes. Inspired by strong roots in the medical market, True Terpenes is founded to bring the benefits of terpenes to medical patients and recreational consumers in a way that is consistent and safe.

True Terpenes original terpene isolate bottles
True Terpenes original terpene profile bottles


The Launch of Terpene Strain Profiles

Using advanced analytics, we pinpoint classic cannabis strain profiles and recreate them from botanical isolates.


Flavor Infused Strains Launch

As the market grows, we meet the demand for flavor-forward blends formulated with safety in mind.

Inspiration for flavor-infused terpenes


A Focus on Quality, Safety, and Compliance

True Terpenes becomes the first terpene supplier in our space to invest in ISO 9001:2015, FSSC, and GMP quality compliance certifications, bringing a new standard of quality, safety, and regulatory compliance to the industry.


Partnering with Dr. Ethan Russo

Dr. Russo joins the Science Board and designs Terpology, an exclusive line of targeted effects-based terpene blends with True Terpenes.

Live Resin and Live Alchemy Debut


Live Resin Arrives

Live Resin ultra premium hemp-derived terpenes hit the market, along with a line of flavor-forward Live Resin-infused botanical terpene blends, Live Alchemy.


True Terpenes Sensory Program

We lean into our commitment to sensory-driven formulation, developing an evolving sensory lexicon for cannabis and launching a program for manufacturers to use in their process for education, brand building, and quality assurance.

True Terpenes Aroma Wheel
True Terpenes hemp farm hoop house


Growing for Flavor

Our Sensory and Product Development Teams work with breeders to develop a shortlist of high-terpene expression cultivars to grow and extract our own flower for Live Resin.


True HQ & Lab

Six years in, we've grown from one passionate person shipping terpenes out of a garage in Portland to a team of 100 industry experts and terpene advocates. We move into True HQ in 2022 to give us full control over our process.

Inside True Terpenes HQ


Hand Harvest of Live Resin 2.0

Craft cannabis flavor profiles and cultivation, hand harvest, and live resin extraction techniques all come together to create the next generation of Live Resin.


Advocating for Safety and the Sustainable Growth of the Industry

True Terpenes collaborates across industry and academia to create a framework for regulators and manufacturers to assess vape ingredients based on scientific data.

Dr. Shawna of True Terpenes
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