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Flavor Creation

Advanced analytics meets sensory science to create incredible flavor experiences.

Flavor First

The most compelling portfolio of dynamic, unforgettable flavors harnessed and created through a blend of art and science.

True Terpenes flavor creation

Sensory-Driven Formulation

Sensory research & development

Research & Development

Advanced sensory analytics

Advanced Analytics

Sensory Science

Sensory techniques bring depth to every blend.

Some of the most distinctive, iconic aroma compounds can only be detected by smell-not by any piece of analytical equipment. That's why the design of every strain and flavor begins and ends with sensory analysis.

Whether we're working on a trending cannabis strain, a fruity flavor, or a dessert profile, we apply techniques and skills from traditional flavor formulation to deliver the most authentic flavor experience.

Sensory science observations in the hemp field
Terpene research and analytics in the lab

Research and Analytics

An evolving in-house library of chemovars meets state-of-the-art advanced analytics in our Product Development Lab.

  • GC-MS informs the backbone of flavor design

  • Widely recognized as the flavor industry's most powerful analytical tool, Gas Chromatography-Olfactometry, or GC-O, gives us 360-degree visibility over elusive cannabis flavor and aroma compounds

  • Headspace field analytics capture valuable samples in the field to track flavor development

  • In-house cultivar genetics and breeding program with cultivation test bed and a library of rare chemovars representing a full range of market-driven sensory markers

Innovative Solutions

From flavor-forward blends to botanically-derived cannabis strain profiles to hemp terpene strains with the full range of cannabis terpene flavor, we empower your growth in a dynamic and fast-paced industry.

  • IFT-trained Flavorists behind the design of every blend

  • Proprietary Custom Formulations targeted to your unique customer base

  • Endless ways to design your own flavor experience with Made to Create Lab, our new customer-driven blending platform

Innovative terpene solutions - example vape cart
True Terpenes all categories represented as bottles

Robust and Versatile Flavor Platform

The industry's largest single source for flavor solutions.

  • Live Resin Ultra premium 100% hemp terpene strains

  • Live Alchemy Botanical terpenes + hemp terpenes

  • Strains Flavor Infused botanical strain profiles

  • Flavors Bold and trending terpene flavors

  • Terpology Functional blends developed by Dr. Ethan Russo

  • Isolates The building blocks of aroma and flavor, ultra distilled for purity

  • Flow Flavorless extract modifier made from compounds native to cannabis

Our Team of Flavorists

Sensory-first formulation, driven by our people.

Put your best flavor forward with our team of talented Flavorists behind your products. Our IFT-trained sensory scientists apply a deep knowledge of flavor creation and a passion for the plant to create blends that transport and inspire.

True Terpenes's flavorists in the lab

Ready to create disruptive and game-changing products?

Request free terpene samples to jump-start your next product development project and gain a competitive edge.

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