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Precision Strains
Ultra-distilled terpenes blended to reproduce the aromas and effects of your favorite strains
Flavor-Infused Strains
Effects-rich terpene profiles infused with complimentary non-cannabis flavors and aromas
TERP Flavors
Bold mainstream trending flavors enhanced with ultra-distilled blends of isolated terpenes
The ONLY extract modifier comprised of 100% terpenes found in cannabis
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Terpene Overview
What are terpenes? Basic training where we introduce you to the power and potential of aromatics.
Our Terpenes
Find out how our premium, botanically derived, non-cannabis terpenes are sourced, refined and blended.
Terp Wall™
Our TERP Wall™ educates audiences on the impacts terpenes have on your senses as well as the way they make you feel.
Safety & Quality
At True Terpenes, safety and quality are our top priorities. Learn more about our standards.
Terpene Buyers Guide
The first step to sourcing quality and effective aromatics for your vape products
Terpene, Beer, & CBD
Explore pairing Terpenes, Beer, & CBD to form the perfect partnership
The Entourage Effect
What is the Entourage Effect and what role do Terpenes play?
Cannabis vs. Botanical
Unpacking the dollars and sense behind the biggest debate in Terpenes
Our Isolates
True Terpenes Isolates are natural, organic steam-distilled terpenes from various plant sources from around the world.
Isolate Packages
Curated collections of natural, organic steam-distilled Isolates in a variety of sizes to meet all your formulation needs.
Safety is our passion. See our Safety Data Sheets for all the Isolates that we produce.


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