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Amplify Your Applications

Bring incredible new products to market. Whatever you can imagine, terpenes make it possible.

Vape cartridge with distillate


From innovative flavors to strains that drive trends, stand out on crowded shelves with the best tasting vape on the market.

  • Add botanical terpene profiles to vapes to meet consumer demand for unique flavor and functional experiences

  • Mix Live Resin with full-flavored Infused Strains to create an elevated, flavor-forward vape

  • Create a Live Resin Infused line with the full spectrum of cannabis flavor and Entourage Effect

  • Create an entire product line of trending strains from one batch of bulk distillate

Add flavor and the Entourage Effect back into premium extracts, or elevate and differentiate bulk product with Live Resin 100% hemp terpenes.

  • Standardize and enhance the flavor of Live Resin and Rosin

  • Create multiple SKUs from one batch of bulk product

  • Reintroduce terpenes for the full Entourage Effect

Live Resin concentrate


Enhance and preserve the original cannabis experience by infusing flower with terpene strain profiles.

  • Revitalize tired flower and reduce losses

  • Create a consistent product across multiple markets

  • Grow brand loyalty with a repeatable consumer experience

Infused Pre-rolls

Capitalize on the fastest-growing segment in the space with a terpene infused pre-roll that tastes as good as it smells, from the first pull to the last.

  • Create Live Resin infused pre-rolls, targeting two of the industry's biggest trends

  • Develop a premium pre-roll, increasing flavor and effects, for pennies per unit

  • Grow brand loyalty with a repeatable consumer experience

Live resin terpene infused pre-rolls
Live Resin terpene infused edibles


Diversify your portfolio with cross-category offerings.

  • Launch an Effects line with an infusion of functional benefits with Russo's Terpology

  • Deliver incredible flavor with the full Entourage Effect for a more rounded experience

  • Create a Live Resin Infused line of edibles


Develop terpene-infused beverages that elevate and inspire.

  • Launch seltzers and ready-to-drink beverages with targeted effects and flavor

  • Enhance cannabis- or CBD-based drinks with terpenes to promote the Entourage Effect

  • Update beer and spirits portfolios with terpenes to deliver unique beverage experiences

Introducing Euphorics, a collaboration between our sister company Intrepid Brewing and John I. Haas.


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