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Live Resin Hemp-Derived Terpenes

Expand your portfolio with live resin hemp terpenes, cannabis craft flavor in a consistent, scalable package.

What if you no longer needed to choose between true craft cannabis flavor and scalability?

Discover how Live Resin terpenes simplify bringing authentic flavor to market.

  • Farm Bill compliant 100% hemp terpenes ship across state lines & internationally

  • Authentic cannabis flavor in a scalable, consistent package

  • Cost-effectively enhance and elevate Live Resin and Concentrate, Distillate, Pre-rolls, Edibles, and more

  • Standardize and enhance flavor across your product portfolio without hassle


The Live Resin Difference

Scalable, Farm Bill compliant hemp terpenes grown for peak flavor using craft cannabis cultivation methods.

Close up flower cone

Premium Genetics

Our team of veteran cannabis breeders & sensory scientists select cultivars specifically for flavor and terpene production, not for cannabinoids.

Hemp field sensory analysis

Field Sensory

We're out in the field throughout the growing process to determine the right moment of harvest-and to select candidates from our R&D test field for large-scale cultivation.

Hemp flower cone closeup

Hand Harvest

Our plants are harvested by hand-not shredded by a tractor-to preserve trichomes.

Live Resin bottle with dropper

Proprietary Processing

Our innovative processing takes the best from live resin extraction techniques to create something totally unique to us.

True cannabis flavor in a consistent, scalable package.

Leverage Live Resin ultra premium 100% hemp-derived terpenes to elevate and expand your portfolio.

Live Resin and Concentrates
  • Standardize and enhance the flavor of Live Resin and Rosin

  • Create multiple SKUs from one batch of bulk product

  • Reintroduce terpenes for the full Entourage Effect

  • Create Live Resin Infused products to target a growing live resin customer base

  • Blend Live Resin with bold botanical terpene blends to create an elevated, flavor-forward vape

  • Scale up quickly to meet demand with a repeatable consumer experience

Pre-rolls, Edibles, and more
  • Develop a premium pre-roll, increasing flavor and effects, for pennies per unit

  • Revitalize tired flower

  • Launch a live resin line for your brand

Bulk Product
  • Grow brand loyalty with consistent, quality flavor across your product portfolio

  • Scale up quickly to meet demand

  • Deliver a repeatable consumer experience

Jealousy OG Live Resin bottle

Craft cannabis flavor straight from the field.

Live Resin terpenes take you back.

Experience True Cannabis Flavor Wherever You Are

Hemp terpenes are legal to sell, ship, and transport across state lines under the 2018 Farm Bill. The Farm Bill also protects the right to import and export hemp products internationally, into and by countries in which hemp and international hemp trade are legal.


Questions about requirements where you are? Reach out to our Customer Service Team.

Hemp flower cone in the field
Hemp flower cone in the field v2
Hemp flower closeup
Hemp flower cone in the field v4

Essential Cannabis Flavor for any Application

Sweet Diesel. Fruit. Pine. Dank. Unlock the full range of true-to-flower flavor and aroma with the Live Resin family.

Live Resin Frequently Asked Questions

New to Live Resin and hemp-derived terpenes? Find answers to common questions here.

Meet market demand. Drive value. Elevate your brand portfolio.

Reach out to our team to learn more about how to buy wholesale hemp-derived terpenes.

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