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Welcome to the Farm

Premium genetics. Premium cultivation. Craft cannabis flavor. This is how we do it.


We begin as we always do, with sensory

Before we plant a single seed, our team spends countless hours precisely identifying the ideal cultivars to grow specifically for terpenes-not for cannabinoids.

Hemp farm hoop house
A closeup of trichomes


Art meets science

We analyze the genetics and terpene content and settle on a shortlist of superior cultivars to grow for Live Resin Terpenes here in the Pacific Northwest.


The seeds of flavor are planted

The process of growing for flavor starts in the controlled environment of the nursery, where the foundations for healthy growth are established.

Hemp seedlings in a hoop house
Tractor working a field


Into the earth

The healthy seedlings are carefully transplanted to our fields, where a combination of cutting-edge agronomic practices including soil regeneration, biostimulants, and elicitors naturally encourages healthy growth and the very best flavor from our plants.


The ideal environment

Hemp does not like humidity. It thrives in the dry, sunny summer environment of the Pacific Northwest, where we irrigate with Cascade Mountain snowmelt to make up for the lack of rainfall. This is ideal for the plants, as an absence of standing water from rainfall (combined with cold winters) means less pressure from insects and disease.

Hemp farm seedlings in the ground
Hemp farm making growth


Marks of quality

Approximately five weeks from harvest, our plants are exhibiting rich chlorophyll content, fat stalks, and excellent pathogen pressure. At a higher latitude, our days are longer but the nights are cool, which gives the plants a growth spurt during the day and the opportunity to rest at night.


Mapping flavor development

A few weeks away from harvest, we're testing the flower for terpene and CBD content to determine plant maturity and plan for harvest at the peak moment of aromatic expression.

High desert hemp farm
Analyzing hemp terpenes in the field


Terp hunting season

Our Sensory Team is out in the field, analyzing and tracking the range of aromas expressed by each cultivar. We'll use this data to determine when to harvest and also to select new cultivars from our test field to grow on a larger scale next year.


Stressing for aroma

After months of careful growing, the female plants are deliberately stressed at the last stage of cultivation. This important final step forces the plants to devote their energy to terpene production.

Hemp cones developing in the field
Hand harvesting a hemp field


A hands-on approach to harvest

Fully committed to preserving the flavor we've worked so hard to cultivate, we embark on the arduous task of harvesting 100 acres by hand. It's not easy, but it's worth it.


Field to bottle

Our proprietary live resin processing begins on the day of harvest to capture the the full cannabis flavor experience in a bottle.

Seed to bottle image - end of a timeline
GG#4 Live Resin terpenes bottle

Craft cannabis flavor
straight from the field

Live Resin terpenes take you back.

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