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Own the Market

Launch products that change the game, now. We'll take you through ideation to sale.

Ready to Launch

We streamline the process with hands-on collaboration to drive your next big idea, from product development to dispensary shelves.

Launch Strategy
Dedicated Product Development Team
Top-Rated Customer Service

Go-to-Market Strategy

We don't just create solutions. We leverage market insights to deliver a custom blueprint for business success. We address opportunities in the market, consumer trends, positioning, regulatory changes, and strategic marketing. When it comes to customer success, we do our homework.

Using the aroma wheel in the True Terpenes sensory room
True Terpenes Commercial Operations Team

Best-in-Class Commercial and Operations Teams

From our talented Product Development Team to our passionate and knowledgeable Sales and Customer Service Reps, we work together across the organization to meet customer needs throughout the entire product life-cycle.

  • Same- or next-day shipping

  • 99% Customer Satisfaction rating

  • Scalable supply chain, with all processes under one roof

  • Innovative Customs Program

  • Co-branded and White Label Packaging

Applications and Flavor Expertise

We're always learning, and we pass what we learn onto you. As our partner, you can expect White Papers and SOPs, Application and Equipment selection support, product education and training, insights on trending flavors and applications, and more.

Terpene infused pre-roll

Your Extended Team

True Terpenes is built to support our customers' specific needs. Our capabilities range from documentation and audits to innovative formulations that integrate with your product road map.

Formulation + R&D

Highly trained analytical and formulation chemists work in concert with our Science Board to push innovation and discovery initiatives.

Quality Assurance

We adhere to strict manufacturing practices and engage third-party audits for a higher level of consistency, quality, and traceability in our products.


All the care of a hand-crafted product with the fulfillment and production scalability to accommodate barrels of bulk material and thousands of finished goods.

Sales + Service

Dedicated and knowledgeable sales and customer service teams provide prompt support and work hard to match you with the products that empower your growth.


Our staff monitors the ever-evolving regulatory environment to help you navigate new challenges.


We support clients with the training, education, and tools needed to build channel understanding and sales velocity with terpene products.

We imagine new possibilities for customer success. Ready to get started?

Reach out to learn more about how to use terpenes to grow your business.

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