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Why Sensory Science Matters

No piece of equipment is as sensitive to aromatic nuance as the human nose or as adept at recalling a flavor note as the human brain. That’s why sensory science drives our formulation and why we believe in creating a sensory lexicon for the industry. Here are a few ways you can leverage sensory science to inspire product development and grow your business:

True Terpenes Aroma Wheel

From sensory analysis of plant material to product development to quality control, the True Terpenes Aroma Wheel is one of our most valuable internal tools. Download the wheel to empower your own creativity.

True Terpenes Aroma Wheel

Sensory Notes

Aroma and flavor descriptors to help dial in your analysis and inform your product development


Citrus, Pome Fruit, Stone Fruit, Melon, Tropical, Berry, Artificial Fruit, Grape


Orange Blossom, Violet, Lilac, Lavender, Rose, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Powder, Geranium


Coriander Seed, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Mace, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Cumin, Black Pepper, Frankincense, Anise/Fennel/Licorice

Sweet (Aromatic)

Caramel, Molasses, Maple Syrup, Honey, Vanilla, Sweet Cream


Coconut, Hazelnut, Peanut, Toasted, Raw Dough, Dry Grain, Chocolate


Cedar, Spruce, Oak, Sandalwood, Damp Wood, Sawdust


Soil, Forest Floor, Manure, Compost, Dusty, Truffle, Mushroom, Chalky/Mineral, Musty


Rubber, Skunk, Sulfur, Diesel, Petrol, Engine Oil, Onion, Garlic


Cheesy, Buttery, Yeasty, Sweaty, Horse Blanket, Vegetal Rot, Animalic Rot, Ammonia


Sage, Rosemary, Pine Needle, Minty, Basil, Cilantro, Vegetal, Hay, Cut Grass


Menthol, Plastic, Acetone, Paint Thinner, Duct Tape, Lacquer

How we perform sensory analysis

Sensory analysis of flower

True Terpenes sensory analysis

First, snap the flower in your fingers and allow some volatiles to disperse. Waft (or inhale closely if the scent is faint) until you have a sense of the front, middle, and back notes.

Sensory analysis of terpenes

True Terpenes sensory analysis using test strips

When performing sensory analysis on aromatic liquids like terpenes, don’t smell directly out of the bottle. Instead, dip or drip a small amount of liquid on a test strip. Waft the strip from various distances until you’ve gotten a complete picture, then label the strip with the name of the sample.

Using the aroma wheel

True Terpenes sensory analysis referencing the aroma wheel

With the aroma fresh on your mind, check the aroma wheel. Start from the inner ring, where you’ll find the most general categories like Fruity, Earthy, or Floral. Work your way out and look for the elements that line up closest to your experience. Keep the sample close by in case you need to take another waft to narrow in on the aroma.

Not sure if something lines up? Get a real-life sample and compare. Grab a lemon from your fridge or some grass from outside or step down into the basement for some mustiness. With a little practice, you’ll build your library of sense memory and power of recall.

Sensory Team of Flavor Chemists

Experts in the field of Sensory Science collaborate with industry innovators in our unique sensory-driven approach to formulation and product development.

Vaishnavi Trivedi

Head of Product Design & Applications

Drew Hull

Head of Regulatory Affairs & Strategy

Lance Green

Senior Manager, Product Development

Darius Bonds

Production Operations Manager

Megan Hatch

Lead Formulation Chemist

Find That Feeling

Empower your creativity with flavors and aromas that are true to experience

Sensory Room and Lab

Littering and butter stuff more cerebral high couch lock Abba Zabba you my only friend. Rasta! Oh my gawd, they like totally know I’m high.

Extremely dope chronic eye drops in the basement with psychedellic nugs. Fully man, keif gummies are the indoor equivalent of body high super mellow.

Dude you’re just being paranoid, don’t call the cops. An ancient plant referenced biblically as the Holy Herb and gets your noggin’ rocked.


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