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GMPISO 9001:2015FSSC22000

Flavorless Terpenes


The only flavorless extract modifier composed of 100% terpenes natively found in cannabis. Get the performance you need from a supplier you can trust.

Flavorless Terpenes


The only flavorless extract modifier composed of 100% terpenes natively found in cannabis. Get the performance you need from a supplier you can trust.
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Confidently Control the Flavor & Flow of Your Distillate

The Partnership
Viscosity was developed by Dr. Jeff Raber, Ph.D. and is manufactured under the strict ISO 9001:2015, GMP and FSSC 22000 standards at True Terpenes.
Viscosity allows you to gently control the flavor and flow of your premium distillates. It is designed to minimize the impact to flavor and aroma while maintaining your product’s potency.
Ingredients: Phytol, Beta-Caryophyllene, D-Limonene, Farnesol and Nerolidol. We do not add PG, VG, PEG, MCT, Coconut Oil or Vitamin E Acetate.

More About Extract Modifiers & Viscosity

High-purity cannabis extract has a consistency similar to honey. Adding terpenes can “thin” cannabis extracts to decrease viscosity and encourage flow. However, adding too great an amount of terpenes can result in negative and unpleasant side effects, especially when the ratio of cannabinoids to terpenes diverges from that expressed by the cannabis plant itself.

No. Viscosity uses synthetic phytol due to its greater purity and stability. In some cases, synthetics can be more stable, pure and consistent than their natural counterparts.

Viscosity has a very mild color and odor that minimally contributes to the aroma and flavor of the product in recommended solution.

Viscosity has optimal miscibility with cannabinoids and other terpenes. It’s formula is comprised of ONLY terpenes found natively in cannabis.

Research indicates that PG, VG, and PEG form toxic byproducts through pyrolysis. Studies found that heating to just 150°C yielded degradation products including carcinogenic formaldehyde, vinyl ethers, and a variety of smaller PEG oligomers. Considering the toxicity of the ethylene glycol monomer (a primary ingredient in automobile antifreeze) data describing the degradation of PEG at relatively low temperatures should raise serious concerns about the safety of the polymer, as well as PG and VG, as an additive.

MCTs are derivatives of glycerol so despite natural origins they are expected to suffer similar toxic pyrolysis. Indeed, studies on the pyrolysis of closely related food oils have indicated the generation of many different decomposition products, including the carcinogenic acrolein. While it remains unclear what risk is posed by its inclusion, the use of MCT oil as a carrier should be treated with some caution.

No, Viscosity is not formulated to thicken oil, cut costs, or heavily dilute plant-based oils. It is not an adulterant.

No, the opposite actually! Viscosity is comprised of terpenes which help to thin the extract while keeping the ratio of cannabinoids to terpenes closer to what we find in nature.

Viscosity acts as a true extract modifier, not a carrier. Meaning it will dissolve into your extract and force separation of non-soluble components.

While many clients have had success using Viscosity with raw CO2, BHO, Rosin, and other unwinterized extracts, we cannot say that we recommend using Viscosity with these products because each extraction is unique and contains a varying content of lipids and waxes and other plant constituents which are not oil soluble and may separate and cloud your final product.

If you choose to use Viscosity with unwinterized extracts you may do so and find great success, however if it does not turn out as you would have hoped, we cannot offer any form of compensation as you have been informed.

100% Flavorless Terpenes.
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