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3 new   blends

Rest, Recovery
and Creative

From Dr. Ethan Russo

3 new   blends

Rest, Recovery
and Creative

From Dr. Ethan Russo
Science-Driven, World-Class Manufacturing
Scalable distillation capabilities for purest terpenes available
Lowest allowable contaminant limits 3rd party 17025 lab tested
Safety R&D program sets the industry standard
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I was using a cheaper brand for over a year until I got a contaminated batch that failed for hexane. When I asked the supplier for a COA, they showed me one from 2 years ago and didn’t even have one for the batch. All of the money I saved by using them was lost in that one order. I’ll never take that risk again after almost losing my brand. Anonymous customer - MSO (California, Michigan, Oklahoma)
In a crowded marketplace like Oregon, we looked for a unique way to stand out on the shelves. We could target specific effects with terpenes, and our products are much more powerful than our competitors. Working with True Terpenes has helped our brand grow exponentially.
True Terpenes has helped us navigate the changing regulatory landscape and stay ahead of the curve. There was a proposed vaping ban, but our products would not have been affected because we chose the right profiles upfront. They also give full ingredient lists so that we can comply with the labeling requirements. No other supplier could provide everything we needed. Bezel


Setting Industry Standards for Testing and Compliance
Dr. Ethan Russo becomes founding member of the True Terpenes Scientific Advisory Board
What is the Entourage Effect and what role do Terpenes play?
Unpacking the dollars and sense behind the biggest debate in Terpenes
What are terpenes? Basic training where we introduce you to the power and potential of aromatics.
Find out how our premium, botanically derived, non-cannabis terpenes are sourced, refined and blended.
Our TERP Wall™ educates audiences on the impacts terpenes have on your senses as well as the way they make you feel.
At True Terpenes, safety and quality are our top priorities. Learn more about our standards.