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May 15, 2021

Get Creative and Differentiate Your Tinctures with True Terpenes.

True Terpenes Take Tinctures to the Next Level

“Terpenes create an experience that can really change the atmosphere and particularly modulate people’s moods in directions they’ll find desirable.” – Dr. Ethan Russo, board-certified neurologist and cannabis pioneer

Get Creative and Differentiate Your Tincture Products.

Botanical terpene profiles allow product makers the unique ability to target a variety of sensory characteristics. The result is a scalable consumer experience built on desirable flavors, nuanced aromas and tailored effects. With True Terpenes, creating premium, safe and memorable CBD and THC tincture products is easy, scalable and cost-effective. 

About Tinctures

Tinctures are created by blending cannabinoids with a carrier, such as MCT oil, glycerin, or alcohol. This ensures an easy-to-use product with a long shelf life that can pack a potent punch in a very small format. When formulated with terpenes, this product offers an easy way to provide the specific full-spectrum therapeutic benefits and palatable flavors consumers seek. 

Tinctures are a great point of entry for anyone seeking a discreet, smokeless, effective and easy-to-dose solution to consuming cannabis. They are also often recommended for their calorie-friendly contents and consistent performance compared to cannabis edibles. 

Formulating with True Terpenes

True Terpenes’ oil-based profiles mix seamlessly into THC and CBD tincture formulations. By adding terpenes, our customers can amplify a tincture’s efficacy, leveraging the synergistic relationship between terpenes and cannabinoids, a phenomenon affectionately known as the ‘entourage effect’. Terpenes and terpenoids are lost or greatly diminished during extraction processes. It is now possible to reintroduce them to premium distillates, effectively restoring the aromatic properties and mood-boosting qualities found natively in the plant.

True Terpenes currently has over 3400 custom flavor options and more than 200 proprietary blends. With a large profile catalog, custom formulation solutions, and the ability to produce at scale, our products empower manufacturers to achieve the perfect flavor and ideal effect, with consistent results every time. 

“You can have even more control over the flavor and effect of your tinctures, all while avoiding the unnecessary or potentially dangerous ingredients found in many other flavorings and essential oils.” – Lance Green, True Terpenes Product Development Manager

Even more important than unlocking limitless creative potential, True Terpenes provides a trusted platform for incorporating terpenes into consumer product recipes safely.

“Our risk analysis is identifying irritants, and identifying their “no adverse reaction limit” in order to create a product that is ideally, safe for all.” – Shawna Vreeke, PhD, True Terpenes Safety Chemist

Why Do Customers Love Tinctures?

  • Practicality. Conveniently packaged and portable, tinctures are one of the most trouble-free and discreet ways to consume cannabis. Most of these products are available as a potent liquid contained in a dropper bottle. Besides being easy to dose, in this format, it’s relatively easy to produce a product with a flavorful mix and a low-impact aroma.
  • Effectiveness. When consumed sublingually, by placing a couple drops under your tongue, even a small dose can be felt in as little as fifteen minutes. While edibles might take an hour to become fully effective, a sublingual dose has a faster onset and more consistent results. 
  • Easy to Dose. Tinctures are the perfect product for finding your preferred dose. Dialing in the correct dosage of cannabinoids is easiest with this format. A successful tincture is homogenized and consistent, each drop is as potent as the next. This makes it easier to titrate, maintain effectiveness, and increase dosage without much of the guesswork we see with other methods.

Try This Professionally Formulated Tincture Recipe

This tincture recipe from our friends at Golden Dragon Extracts starts with MCT (coconut oil) and includes a mixed ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes to facilitate recovery after a work-out. Slightly warm the coconut oil and mix remaining ingredients until homogenized. To dose, start with one drop and build until you reach the desired effect.

“RALLY” Recovery Tincture 

by Golden Dragon Extracts featuring Terpology Rest Terpene Profile by Dr. Ethan Russo


  • Carrier Oil (MCT) – 26,126mL (93%)
  • CBD – 490mL (1.75%)
  • CBG – 84mL (0.3%)
  • THC – 1000mL (3.5%)
  • Rest Terpology Blend by Dr. Ethan Russo – 300mL (1%)

About True Terpenes

True Terpenes is the industry-leader in innovation and production of effects-based terpenes and terpenoid blends. The first terpenes company to receive GMP/ISO/FSSC certification, True Terpenes’ ultra-refined botanical terpenes and other aromatic compounds are used by some of the largest beverage, cannabis, cosmetic, food, industrial and pharmaceutical brands for product differentiation. Supported by an expert Scientific Advisory Board, the company is advancing the scientific analysis of terpenes and further studying the “entourage effect,” where the benefits of cannabis can be enhanced when combined with terpenes. By providing a scalable, standardized and high quality solution, True Terpenes is helping companies leverage cannabis flavors. 

“True terpenes is arguably the cleanest, most trusted company in the game, and they get 100% of my business.” – Joe Rood, True Terpenes Client

Start Formulating Your Tinctures with True Terpenes Today!

Build your own sampler pack or inquire for FREE business samples to get started on creating your customer’s new favorite tincture. 

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