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December 16, 2022

A Promising Step Forward in Pennsylvania

True Terpenes Champions Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis

True Terpenes and the nonprofit organization Medical Marijuana Access & Patient Safety, Inc. celebrated a milestone in restoring regulated medical cannabis access in Pennsylvania on Thursday, as the Commonwealth Court granted a preliminary injunction against the enforcement of the Terpene Recall Mandate. As a result of the injunction, the Court is maintaining the pre-recall status quo by permitting the sale and distribution of products containing inhalable terpenes for now.

True Terpenes is proud to have supported the nonprofit as the only terpene company to provide testimony in the case. Dr. Shawna Vreeke, Head of Research at True Terpenes, offered expert witness testimony that proved instrumental in supporting the argument of the petitioner, Medical Marijuana Access & Patient Safety, Inc.

The Findings of the Court

You can read the original opinion here. A few noteworthy items of the decision:

  • Page 13: Dr. Shawna Vreeke is referenced directly and deemed a credible expert witness.
  • Page 25: “Respondents have failed to present any evidence to the Court of potential harm to medical marijuana patients due to the recalled products, or more specifically due to the addition of terpenes to these products.”
  • Page 25: “Respondents did not call any witnesses during the preliminary injunction hearing or present any evidence regarding patient complaints or adverse events suffered due to the recalled products containing terpenes. To the contrary, Petitioners’ witnesses testified to the lack of such evidence.”

A Coalition of Advocates

When the recall was announced in February 2022, True Terpenes partnered with Medical Marijuana Access & Patient Safety, Inc., a nonprofit coalition of clients, medical marijuana patients, the Pennsylvania Cannabis Association, and other stakeholders dedicated to safeguarding access to regulated medical marijuana products in Pennsylvania and beyond. This was a team effort, and we are happy to celebrate this important step forward with the Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition and our clients in the state. The support and diligent work of the entire group was critical to winning this injunction.

Our Commitment to Supporting the Safe, Sustainable Growth of the Industry

True Terpenes is committed to the continued support of operators in the state of Pennsylvania and any further legal proceedings with the Department of Health that may arise.

True Terpenes has dedicated tremendous time and resources to our Quality Assurance, Compliance, and Product Safety programs. We are the industry leader in data-driven safety standards, and we are proud to champion the implementation of sensible regulations to protect public safety and access to regulated medical cannabis products. This injunction is validation that the resources we commit to these causes are an invaluable asset to the future of the Cannabis Industry. In Pennsylvania and across the US, we look forward to working with our client partners to provide a science-based, sustainable framework to grow the cannabis industry while best serving the interests of patients and public safety.

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