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October 16, 2018

How To Safely Use Terpenes In Your Life

If you’ve been paying attention to the terpene and cannabis industry at all, you will see that it’s expanding rapidly. Investors are going all in on the “revolution,” as we can confidently call it. The market is full of people looking for delicious, tasty products that make their life better. It’s hard to imagine, but this combination is hard to find in the market right now. Also, more people who do not use terpenes are becoming aware of the benefits and advantages, whether that’s to enhance the taste of a favorite beverage or fight specific types of cancer. Not only do consumers want potency, but they also want flavor and aroma.

This is why True Terpenes is the number one terpene seller on the market. We offer hundreds of certified natural and organic products that provide a potent effect while tasting and smelling great.

With all that being said, we want to share with you some general advice on how to enjoy terpenes safely. Granted, we trust that you know how to use terpenes, or if you don’t, you will do your due diligence. But for those still looking for some guidance. Read on to learn more.

Where Do Terpenes Come From?

The simple answer? A variety of sources. Currently, there are an estimated 30,000-plus terpenes that can come from plants like mint, basil, rosemary, cannabis, and more. It’s no wonder terpenes are on the rise to popularity in the market. There is virtually a terpene for everything, whether you want to make that steak taste a little bit better or suffer from insomnia.

How Are Natural Terpene Oils Used?

Terpenes are found in cannabis-related and all other natural plants. In general, plants use their terpenes as defense or growth mechanisms. When extracted, terpene oils can be used for specific purposes, which medical and scientific studies have and will continue to prove. What’s more, as more terpenes are studied and tested, the market continues to welcome the product more frequently into their lives.

What Can Terpenes Be Used For?

Terpenes are a versatile bunch. Whether you want a specific aroma from your lotion or a definite taste from a salad, terpenes can help. Below are some of the common industries that use terpenes:


Terpenes can be used in a variety of ways in the food industry, whether it be to “spice” a meal or deepen the flavor of a drink. What’s unique about terpenes in the food industry, however, is the ability to use the same terpene with various types of foods and beverages and get a different reaction with each application. Although Beta Caryophyllene offers a peppery, spicy flavor and aroma, it spark to recipes that utilize cheese, or add a sharpness to beef plates.


Whether you use lotions or perfumes, the aromas from those products you enjoy so much are mostly terpenes at work. The lavender lotion you apply to your hands every morning most likely has a specific terpene providing the aroma you love so much. Furthermore, perfumes are known to utilize terpenes for specific, distinct aromas. Love a certain brand name fragrance? You’re probably enjoying, in some part, terpenes.


Through various research studies, terpenes have been showing promise in a medicinal capacity. Some terpenes are already being used in the medical field as supplements to treatments. What’s more, scientists and researchers are working hard to bring terpenes into the light as potential remedies in a medical capacity.


It’s common to use incense as an aesthetic, in meditation, throughout therapy, and for ceremony. The word incense refers to the actual burning of the material and not the aroma it produces. What’s great, terpenes can be used with incense to enhance the aroma being created due to the burning of the incense. This means that specific smells can be leverage to assist with the variety of applications.

Why Terpenes Are Diluted

For you to safely use terpenes, you want to make sure they are diluted. Health risks are a factor if the terpenes are not diluted for consumption. However, once terpenes are properly diluted, you can safely consume them at your leisure.

Buy Terpenes For Sale Online Now

Whether you want to use terpenes for your food or include it in a meditation practice every morning, you can. Terpenes have many more uses than the ones in this post, and we encourage you to go search for those uses so that you can become informed and use terpenes at their maximum potential.

When you decide to buy terpenes for sale online, choose True Terpenes. Our terpene products are non-GMO, food-grade, organic, and natural. Shop now!

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