Content Creator: Liv Vasquez of LivvieSmalls Events

If you’re looking to take your cannabis edibles game to the fine dining level, you may be ready to call Liv Vasquez.

Vasquez is the founder of LivvieSmalls Events, a cannabis event planning service based in Portland, Oregon. While based in Portland, Vasquez travels for the majority of her events and hosts pop ups for clients in places such as Los Angeles and Napa Valley. What sets her apart from other cannabis chefs or a typical event planner is that her skills in both fields accentuate each other. Vasquez will set the mood of an event using aromatherapy featuring True Terpene profiles, that will also be highlighted in her food. She’ll also decorate an entire space to match a theme.

A great example was Vasquez’s recent High Noon Brunch in Portland. The event was set in the greenhouse of a local farm that produced the bulk of the food attendees ate and featured a complimentary vegetarian menu. True Terpenes botanical and cannabis-derived terpenes were used throughout the meal including in CBD cocktails created for the event.

“Terpenes are an exaggeration and concentration of flavor,” Vasquez said. “I feel like cooking with terpenes can make you think about flavor as it correlates to effect. Which I would experience a bit when I worked as a bartender but it is a completely different thing to look at food that way.”

Vasquez understand the interplay of terpenes, cannabinoids and the human body better than most as she is a long time medical cannabis patient and former medical dispensary employee. She even worked with doctors in her area to help patients identify what terpene or cannabinoid profiles were giving them the most relief for things like PTSD or cancer.

“Having access to cannabis products with labels and having access to information changed everything for me,” Vasquez said. “It changed the way that I looked at cannabis and weed culture in general.”

Now she uses her knowledge to make sure everyone gets a safe dose, the right terpenes and a beautiful space to enjoy it in.

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