How Do I Use Terpenes Effectively?

What are terpenes? How do you use terpenes? What can they be used for? These questions and many more cross your mind when you’re looking into enjoying one of True Terpenes’ many profile strains and isolates. In fact, there’s a quality debate going on with customers between cannabis-derived and naturally-derived terpenes. The big question is this: which source offers the best terpenes on the market?

At True Terpenes, we source all of our terpenes from natural, organic resources. None of our terpenes are cannabis-based, and they are legal worldwide, which means you can enjoy a Banana Kush strain or Myrcene isolate wherever your life takes you. In fact, this post is going to be all about how you can use terpenes effectively to get the best experience possible.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the essential oils that plants and other natural resources produce. Have you ever plucked a flower from a field and smelled it? In most cases, the flower you’ve chosen smells wonderful. This fragrance is the result of terpenes. Plants like herbs, flowers, fruits, and more all have their unique scents due to terpenes. Some plants even use terpenes as a defense mechanism.

What is the taste of your favorite fruit? Can you imagine taking a bite and enjoying the delicious experience in your mouth? You’re consuming terpenes. Mangos in particular contain Myrcene, a common, popular terpene found in nature.

No matter where you go, what you smell, or what you taste, you will encounter terpenes at some point every single day of your life. Did you know more than 30,000 terpenes have been identified? They are what make life exciting. The sweetness of a mango or the zest of a lemon are due to the presence of terpenes.

You can spend years learning about terpenes. What you need to know, however, is that terpenes are essentially scented molecules that, when consumed, affect how you feel. You can inhale, apply to the skin, or drink them, which leads to the various feelings we will share later in this post.

What Can Terpenes Be Used For?

Terpenes can be consumed as isolates or strains; they can be added to herbs, extracts, or other essential oils; they can also be added to products to enhance scent or flavor.

Nature has its own use for terpenes. In some instances, terpenes are utilized in nature as a self-defense mechanism. In other situations, terpenes are simply present to create an enticing scent or delectable flavor.

As for humans, terpenes can be used for their scent, flavor, and effects. Want to feel more energetic, soothed, or need help unwinding? You can find a terpene strain or isolate to help you into that state.

How Do You Use Terpenes?

The general advice is a little at a time. You want to dilute the terpenes before consuming, inhaling, or applying them to your skin. Terpenes are potent, and you want to use them with care. On all of our terpene products, there are warning labels because high-purity terpenes can be dangerous to use — and we want you to remain safe.

With all that being said, you can add terpenes to anything you would add your essential oils to. This means you have a wide range of opportunities to enjoy them and their effects.

How Do You Dilute Terpenes?

You can mix your terpenes with oils, concentrates, or other plant extracts. You can dilute your terpenes using coconut oil, PG, PEG, and most carrier oils. Agitate your terpenes to homogenize them. Add low heat to speed up the process. Finally, terpenes are not water-soluble. Unless you use an emulsifying agent, you will need to mix them with another substance to dilute them.

Remember, always dilute your terpenes before enjoying them.

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