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Scents to Enhance Focus

Did you know that certain scents can enhance your spirit and can even boost your focus levels? It’s true. Scents have a powerful and dramatic effect on the body, which can provide a quick boost in focus and productivity. While some people turn to essential oils for this, we believe in using the real organic compound heroes behind powerful scents: terpenes.

If you are looking for scents that can help boost your productivity, take a look at the following list. Some of these scents can be found in our terpenes for sale, so don’t miss out!


Frankincense is a popular scent that has historically been used to relax a mind that tends to run a mile a minute. Containing many sesquiterpenes, this powerful scent can actually help us by improving our memory and helping us wrap our mind around things. Of course, the wood scent is also soothing.


This floral scent that comes from the flower petals of a tropical tree can give you quite the self-esteem boost! Many people choose to focus on this scent before a big job interview. Some studies have even shown that this scent can help heighten both alertness and harmony with others. This means that group projects could be easier than ever!


Lemon is a common scent, but many don’t realize how much it can do for your spirit and motivation. Sniffing the citrus scent of lemon could be just what you need! If you are hoping to get some cleaning done (and feel motivated to do it), one study showed that people exposed to lemon-scents were more likely to clean up after themselves!

We highly recommend our limonene terpene if you are looking for a citrusy energy boost!


The scent of jasmine triggers our happiness levels. It also gives you a heightened spirit. Users say that jasmine is the perfect blend between focused and chill. This is great for those going into meetings.


If you are looking to enhance your memory, rosemary is the scent for you. Rosemary increases focus and memory while decreasing stress levels significantly. A study done by the psychology department at Northumbria University found that those who smelled rosemary scored 10 percent higher on memory tests.


We know that peppermint refreshes the spirit, as well as helps people with focus and clarity. While simply eating a peppermint is a good way to feel these effects, you can get a similar feeling from terpenes. Alpha phellandrene is a mint and citrus scented terpene with a little bit of a woods-scent to it as well.

True Terpenes

Increase your focus levels with our terpenes. Each one of our focus-centered scents can help you increase your alertness, concentration, and ability to learn. If you are interested in learning more, please visit our Terpenes 101 page. We know that we have the blends and isolates you need to give yourself a boost. For the finest terpenes for sale today, contact True Terpenes!

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