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December 8, 2018

How To Mix Terpenes With Extracts And Concentrates

You’ve purchased one of the many great products in the True Terpenes product line, and now you want to mix your terpenes with various extracts and concentrates. At True Terpenes, we encourage you to customize your terpene experience as much as possible. In fact, in this post, we’re going to walk you through some general information on mixing your terpenes so that you can discover the best combination and experience for you and your life.

Why Add Terpenes To Extracts and Concentrates

As terpenes integrate with various industries around the globe, they’re becoming more common as a component in herbal products. Studies have provided evidence that terpenes do contribute to the medicinal benefits of specific herbs, as well as cannabinoids like CBD, THC, and many others. It’s also been proven that isolate terpenes and mixed terpenes create a unique aroma and flavor to be enjoyed.

As an example, you can have three different terpenes that emit unique aromas as isolates. You can then combine these isolates into a strain profile. This profile will then emit a unique aroma compared to each individual isolate.

What’s more, the presence of terpenes in cannabis and other herbs can alter the effects of said herb. For example, two different cannabis strains that have the same percentage of THC can offer differing effects due to the terpenes present in each of them. One strain can offer an energetic effect while the other offers a sedative effect.

Terpene Oil Flavors

One defining feature of terpenes are the flavors they exhibit as isolates or combined with other herbs, terpenes or edibles. In most cases, the terpenes are lost in the extraction process due to improper technique or the process chosen. At True Terpenes we use a specific steam-distilled extraction process that provides us with the most pure and potent terpenes on the market.

We offer premixed formulas called terpene strains, as well as terpene isolates you can enjoy on their own or as an additive to your favorite beverage, food, or herb. In fact, you can mix your own terpenes to discover new and unique flavors you love. Shop our terpene isolates online now!

How To Mix Terpenes With Extracts and Concentrates

The terpene oil addition process is relatively simple, as long as you follow the steps. The three main factors you need to concern yourself with are the formulations, dosages, time, and safety.

Formulation Explained

You will come across dozens of differing types of terpene isolates and profiles available in the market. But how do you choose which one to purchase and mix? Well, the advanced mixer prefers isolates, because the blend combinations are virtually limitless. The proper resources for research and development lends the advanced mixer a very long list of possibilities.

As an amateur mixer or a solution closer to turnkey, you will want to choose a premix solution. In fact, those who first start mixing terpenes begin with premixed and eventually move to isolates. Here’s why: consumers find what they like and don’t like in the premixed solutions, and then they test individual terpenes from that solution to fine tune their preference even further. The next natural step is to begin taking the three to 12 terpenes you absolutely love and begin mixing them into combinations to achieve newly discovered effects.

Dosage Explained

Just starting out with terpenes? Start with small, manageable doses. The dosage for specific terpenes, whether isolate, blends, or profiles is extremely important. How you react to each terpene is also a cause for notes. Your first time exploring terpenes needs to be a gradual introduction to best experience them.

All terpenes shoulds be diluted to safe consumable levels. In general, you want to dilute your terpenes to between one and five percent. Depending on the isolate, profile, or blend, the dosing will be different. You can start with a pipette and small doses until you discover what works best for you in regards to amount, flavor, and aroma.

Terpene Mixing Safety

It’s imperative that you remain safe while mixing terpenes. Review the SDS information for each terpene so that you’re prepared and aware. Also, keep general safety in mind, including the proper mixing environment and attire.

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