How To Use Terpenes To Stick With Your New Year’s Resolution

It doesn’t matter who you are, new year’s resolutions are tough. They require you to change one aspect of your life, but the effects of that change ripple through everything. You want to lose weight? Now you have to eat healthy. You want to make more money? Now you have to work more and spend less time doing what you want. You want to practice more gratitude? Well, there’s nothing negative about that.

Nonetheless, you may be struggling to keep your resolutions, and you’re not alone. Millions around the globe are struggling, too. Why not enjoy the struggle? In this article, True Terpenes will share the top six new year’s resolutions that you can enjoy more with terpenes.

6 New Year’s Resolutions To Enjoy With Terpenes

Did you know that 20 percent of resolutions fizzle out after the first week in January? That’s how strong habits and routines are in our lives. If you’re struggling to keep your resolution, it’s common to give up sooner than later. But you can at least enjoy the struggle when you add terpenes into your life.

#1. Get More Active

As one of the more popular new year’s resolutions, spending more time in the gym is a common promise we all make ourselves starting January 1 — and to no surprise. Americans are aware of their weight, and they want to cut it back just a bit. Why not enjoy the process a bit more with terpenes?

#2. Eat Healthier

A close second to working out more, people resolve to eat healthier. This means changing out those candy bars for pieces of fruit, fast-food burgers for home-cooked burgers, and fruit salad instead of an entire pie. What’s more, a diet change can work wonders for your health, but it’s super difficult for most. Instead of eating a family sized bag of chips, you can snack on celery, peanut butter, and raisins. It’s a great trade out, but you may not like the flavor change. This is where terpenes can help, a lot.

#3. Sleep More

In our technologically driven lives, sleep seems impossible. You head for bed at night, but the notification pings every 30 minutes keep you awake. What’s more, you may experience the phantom vibration and not need to check your phone. For most, more sleep would be a huge benefit to their lives, but it can be so hard to get more when you have so much to do. Nonetheless, the resolution to sleep more is a great decision, and you can enjoy calming down in the evenings with the aromas and flavors of terpenes.

#4. Practice Self Care

Think of all the thoughts you have during the day. What do you say to yourself? Would you say those same things to someone you love? We didn’t think so. So why do you continue to talk to yourself in such a negative tone? If you want to practice self-care, start inside your own thoughts, first. Then, work your way outward to find what you need to feel fulfilled each and every day. Schedule those activities or practices. What’s more, you can add terpenes to your experiences to infuse them with otherworldly flavors and aromas. A mixture of self-care and terpenes is a great way to start off the year.

#5. Be More Optimistic

Whether you’re positive or negative, you can still be optimistic. Most mistake positive and optimistic as the same thing; it’s not. Being optimistic is the frame by which you view life through. Being positive is a state of mind in a given moment. So as you work to “be more positive,” consider how you can look at life with an optimistic lens. The results may surprise you. And why not enjoy a more optimistic life with enjoyable terpene flavors and aromas?

#6. Have More Sex

No, we won’t go into any of the details, but people are resolving to get between the sheets more often. Studies have shown that sex is a great way to boost health and increase more frequent partner intimacy. Whoever thinks less love in the world is a good thing needs to reconsider their pessimistic lens and come back to the light. Sex is great, and humans who resolve to have more tend to enjoy life more than those that do not have sex. Also, you can enhance your intimate moments with the flavors and aromas of terpenes — and if you’re not utilizing all of your senses during sex, you’re missing out.

Choose Terpenes For Your Resolutions

Now that we’ve gone through the top six new year’s resolutions, it’s time to consider the terpenes that will help you enjoy the struggle of keeping to your promises. Here is a list of our newest terpene strain profiles that you can enjoy:

Whether you want to work out more or spend more time with your partner in bed, you can enhance the experience with otherworldly flavors and aromas from True Terpenes. Shop our terpenes for sale online now!

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