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May 31, 2019

Take A Soothing Bath With Terpenes

After a long day at the office, the gym, or even just taking care of the kids, it’s important to find ways to unwind and take care of your wellbeing. For some, they might find comfort in a favorite TV show, nestling into a couch with a good book, or hitting the town for a night out with friends. But when it comes to the ultimate in luxury, few things are as soothing as a nice warm bath.

Here at True Terpenes, we’re all about helping our clients live their best lives, and that includes offering them insights into how they can best center themselves and find clarity from moment to moment. A warm bath can be just the thing to do that sometimes, and adding a few of your favorite terpenes can elevate your experience.

The Benefits of Taking a Nice Bath

A long bath can leave you with a nice clean feeling both inside and out. It’s a great way to find your focus after a long day. But there’s more to it than just leaving you with a squeaky clean feeling.

A bath can help to enhance your mood. Taking a few minutes to just soak in the water can offer you a delightful combination of isolation, quiet, and comfort, and that might be just what you need sometimes. Immersing yourself in a tub full of warm water is reminiscent of the womb, a comforting experience for anyone.

Sleeping in a cold room can help you get a better night’s rest, but taking a warm bath can have a similar effect. When you step out of a warm bath, your core body temperature has been raised, and the moisture drying off your skin induces an evaporative cooling effect, which means your temperature drops quickly, helping you find sleep a little faster.

If you’re carrying tension in your body, like your shoulders or back, a warm bath can help your muscles to relax. Many forms of hydrotherapy rely on warm baths to help alleviate pain from muscles and joints, as the warm water stimulates blood flow. With increased blood flow to painful areas, you’ll feel a soothing sensation in your stressed muscles.

A long bath has a sort of restorative effect. Not only are you cleaning your body, you’re also offering your mind a chance to restore. When you treat a bath as a sort of meditative experience, you can process the stressors of your day, and empty your mind of pressing thoughts and concerns.

The Key To Taking a Soothing Bath

It might sound strange, but there are some people who have never indulged in a truly comforting bath. Perhaps because of the convenience of their showers or because they feel they don’t have time, but whatever the reason, some people don’t look at a bath as a chance to unwind.

But there’s more to a bath than simple bubbles and rubber ducks. If you’re looking for a chance to offer yourself a restorative moment, a bath might be a great way to do it. Here are some suggestions on how to take a soothing bath.

Set the Tone

Your setting makes a big difference in how much your body and mind are able to unwind. But you can exercise control in how you unwind in your bath. If possible, avoid using the electric lights in your bathroom. They can be harsh on your eyes and your mind. Instead, make use of candles that offer a gentle, flickering light that is easier to relax to.

If you enjoy music, consider playing some laid-back tunes while you bathe. Put on a favorite album that features some lowkey tracks and let the songs wash over you while you bathe. If you use your phone to play music, make sure you turn off any notifications while you unwind. You don’t want an errant ping from an email to pull you out of your meditative space.

Stay in the Water Until it Cools

For those new to taking a soothing bath, it’s easy to sit in the water for a few minutes and then rush to get out. The pressures of life outside of the tub can make it hard to center yourself and focus on this restorative moment. But it’s important to fight these urges. Instead, enjoy the bath to its fullest. If you’re looking for a measure of what that might mean, use the temperature of the water as one.

Stay in your bath until the water gradually cools to room temperature. Even then, linger for a few minutes more. Remind yourself that it’s ok to spend some time focusing on yourself and your sense of wellness every now and then.

Your Bath Experience Doesn’t End When You Step Out of the Tub

While your bath might be the focus of your restorative experience, that doesn’t mean it has to end when you drain the tub. Make sure you care for yourself in other ways afterward. For instance, gently dab and blot your skin dry rather than scrub and rub your skin dry with a towel. For that matter, make sure you’re drying off with a fresh and fluffy towel.

Including Terpenes in Your Bath

When we think of a relaxing bath, many immediately think to a warm bubble bath complimented by a favorite beverage. You might also add things like rose or lavender oils, or even oatmeal to help soothe your skin. But for a bathing experience that engages all of your senses and that helps you find your center, consider adding terpenes to your soothing bath experience.

Smell is one of our most prominent senses, and we strongly associate certain memories and feelings with smells. By adding some aromatic terpenes to your bathing experience, you engage this powerful sense while you unwind. You can choose the terpene aroma profiles that you already know and love, and also add some new ones that will help you associate those aromas with a sense of leisure and pleasure. In the future, you can enjoy these scents outside of the bath and experience those same positive feelings.

Consider adding your favorite terpene strains to your incense burner or aromatherapy diffuser. The aroma will waft through the bathroom, helping to enhance your experience. You can also add some of your favorite terpenes to a treat you eat while you bathe. Finally, consider bringing a favorite beverage into the bath with you and adding a terpene that compliments the flavors in the drink.

Ready to elevate your soothing bath experience? Then choose the strains profiles and isolates available through True Terpenes. Find terpenes for sale online now!

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