The 10 Terpenes You Need to Know About, Part IV – Alpha Bisabolol

If you’re searching for an alternative, organic solution to discomfort, you may find it in True Terpenes Alpha Bisabolol isolate. Studies have shown the terpene to positively affect your unease and help with nighttime unwinding. We discussed the chilling effects of Linalool in part III of this blog series, and in the following blog, we’ll discuss Alpha Bisabolol and its positive uses, as an isolate or as one of many terpenes in a strain.

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What is Alpha Bisabolol

Alpha Bisabolol is a monocyclic sesquiterpene. Its aroma is a mild peppery and floral mix. The flavor follows suit with its aroma even though some have mentioned it being somewhat nutty or fruity. The benefits of this terpene are numerous. Alpha Bisabolol offers a number of recreational benefits like inducing a soothing effect when consumed.

In nature, Alpha Bisabolol is commonly found in plants from the figwort family (Myoporum Crassifolium), in German Chamomile, and part of the tropical candeia shrub family (Vanillosmopsis erythropappa).

You will also find the terpene in the following strains:

  • Oracle
  • Rockstar
  • Master Kush
  • Pink Kush
  • Gorilla Glue
  • New York Diesel
  • AMS
  • Diamond Girl

Whether you’re looking for an isolate or pure terpene strain, True Terpenes offers Alpha Bisabolol online. Shop now!

Why Use Alpha Bisabolol

Alpha Bisabolol has been commonly used in cosmetics due to its help with season problems and discomfort reducing properties.

Outside of medicinal use, you may simply be searching for a peacful experience. True Terpenes extracts Alpha Bisabolol from natural, organic sources and isolates it for you so you can consume it directly, add it to your afternoon tea, or enjoy it in a recipe or meal.

The True Terpenes Alpha Bisabolol Experience

True Terpenes Alpha Bisabolol is certified food grade, non-GMO, organic, and natural. Our customers enjoy all these benefits with all of our products. Whether you’re looking for an Alpha Bisabolol isolate, strain, or mixture, you can find it in our online store. Our isolates are steam-distilled to maintain the natural aromas, flavors, and effects of the terpene no matter where we harvest them around the world.

Additionally, you can add Alpha Bisabolol to concentrates, edibles, topicals and more to add or enhance the effects.

Shope Alpha Bisabolol Online Now!

All of True Terpenes isolates and strains are extracted from natural sources. They’re certified non-GMO and organic. Our team finds the best resources around the world to extract and offer our customers the best terpenes for sale online. Read part V of our terpene blog series on Delta 3 Carene. Whether you’re searching for a feeling or a remedy, the True Terpenes products can help! Shop online today! 

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