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March 28, 2018

The 10 Terpenes You Need to Know About, Part VII – Eucalyptol

If you deal with discomfort, the Eucalyptol isolate may help. True Terpenes offers a variety of terpenes in isolate or strain form. All of our terpene products are non-GMO, organic, and food grade certified. In our last post, we discussed Pinene (Alpha and Beta). As a part of our terpene blog series, we’ll be discussing Eucalyptol in the following post. its effects cause an energetic focus and an uplifting peace.

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What is Eucalyptol?

As a cyclic ether monoterpene, Eucalyptol emits a fresh, minty aroma. It can be sourced naturally from mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), bay leaf (Laurus nobilis, camphor laurel (Cinnamomum camphora), and the eucalyptus plant. The flavor is cool, minty, and has spicy undertones.

As a main ingredient in mouthwash and toothpaste, eucalyptol is commonly used in flavoring. It’s also been used in cosmetics, as well as, fragrances for specific scent enhancements.

Super Silver Haze and Eucalyptol is Headband are two strains which have a high eucalyptol content. The two strains tend to offer similar effects as the terpene.

Why Use Eucalyptol?

The Eucalyptol terpene offers a happy energy, increased focus, and an uplifting peace when consumed. The aroma and flavoring are refreshing and rejuvenating.

Those looking for life alternatives will find Eucalyptol a beneficial addition to their terpene assortment. The terpene has been shown to help with the wear of life and seasonal problems.

The perennial shrub herb, Artemisia spicigera, has been used for hundreds of years. The shrub contains eucalyptol (1,8-cineole).

How to Use Eucalyptol

If you’re struggling with airway inflammation related to asthma, the Eucalyptol isolate may be right for you. Its anti-inflammatory properties paired with the minty, refreshing effects make it a great terpene to use. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it may also help with pain mitigation, since a large majority of pain is due to inflammation.

Nonetheless, if you’ve never experienced terpenes, or you’ve got an entire collection at home, start slow with any new doses. Spread out your doses over time to learn how your body will react to the new terpene. The team at True Terpenes encourages everyone to give our terpene isolates or strains a try.

Many of our customers add their eucalyptol isolate to their morning tea or beverage of choice. We’ve heard some people adding it to their meals or other snacks throughout the day, as well. No matter how you prefer to consume your terpene, you will enjoy True Terpenes Eucalyptol Isolate.

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True Terpenes’ products are certified non-GMO, organic, natural, and food grade. Our goal is to bring the wonderful benefits of terpenes, whether as isolates or strain profiles, to the world in the purest form possible. Our steam-distillation process allows us to extract the purest form of the individual terpenes for our customers. If you’re curious about how to shop for Terpenes for sale online, you can find our isolates and our strain available for purchase in our digital store. Order today!

In our next post, you can read about Terpineol.

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