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6 Ways Your Nose Helps You Enjoy Terpenes

Aromas are what we smell. Flavors are what we taste. Your nose is at the center of both senses. If you didn’t already know, your nose influences a majority of how you taste things. We tend to believe that our tongue is wonderful at tasting things; for the most part, it is, but your nose is much more powerful. Terpenes are primarily an aroma-based experience. Whether you enjoy them in your morning tea or as an additive to your cannabis, you will notice the aroma.

In this article, True Terpenes is going to share some fun facts on how your nose helps you enjoy terpenes. If you didn’t already know, aroma and flavor have strong ties to our emotional responses to past events and situations. With this being said, a terpene of your liking may be a great way to remember a memory or create a new one.

How Our Sense Of Smell Works

Our sense of smell evolved over time as a defense mechanism against certain foods and threats in the world. For example, the smell of bitter or sour taste indicated poison or non-edible foods. On the other hand, sweet or salty indicated a type of food rich in nutrients. For most, our sense of smell is taken for granted, but now that you can enjoy terpenes, your sense of smell is going to be your favorite way to find a terpene you like.

6 Facts About Your Nose

#1. Your Primary Breathing Path

Most people think that their mouth is their primary breathing path. Even during strenuous exercise, the nose still inhales air, even when the mouth becomes the dominant breathing path. What’s more, most people feel extremely uncomfortable when they have their nostrils plugged. Granted, your mouth is a bigger tube, but people prefer to utilize their nose.

Your nose plays another important role in breathing. The nasopulmonary reflex is what connects your nose to your lungs, essentially. As the nasal passage opens and closes so do the lungs. This reflex neural mechanism is what helps your lungs accept air as you inhale.

#2. Your Nose Is A Filter and Humidifier

As you breathe through your nose, it humidifies and filters the air, preparing the air for throat and lungs. Have you ever been breathing through your mouth for a while and realized your throat getting dry? Your mouth does not actively moisturize the air you breathe, resulting in a dry throat.

Also, your nose is the first filtration system for the air that you breathe. All types of dust, pollution, allergens, bacteria, smoke, and more are captured in your nose. As you nose “cleans” the air it’s preparing it for your throat and lungs. The surface of the nasal tissues there are what’s called cilia that trap much of the bad things you should not be breathing. For the most part, this trapped stuff is pushed to the throat, where it’s swallowed and digested by stomach acid.

#3. Regulates The Temperature of the Air You Breathe

Have you ever had a drink that was too hot? It torched your tongue pretty quickly. A similar thing can happen with the air you breathe. Your nose helps regulate the temperature of the air you’re breathing. In a majority of environments, your nose works to warm cold air, seeing that human’s body temperature sits at 98.6 degrees. Your nose works to help keep that homeostasis with the air that you breathe. If you’ve ever had a runny nose in the cold, this is your nose regulating humidity and temperature of the air as you breathe it in.

#4. Nerves Detect Odors

Deep in the nose canal, there are nerves that detect odor. These nerves are what help protect you. As we breathe, we need to pull the air deep into our nose for the air to come into contact with these odors. That’s why when chefs smell a dish, they waft and breathe in deep. Also, when you’re sick, you have a hard time “smelling” things due to the mucus and inflammation in your sinuses keeping air from these nerves.

When you enjoy terpenes, these are the nerves that help you enjoy the aromas.

#5. Shapes The Sound of Your Voice

The resonating structures in the throat and nose help shape the sound of your voice. The voice is produced in the larynx, but as it rises through the throat and into the nose and mouth, it resonates, which causes the way a voice sounds. Also, your sinuses are a part of your sound resonance and affect your voice, too.

True Terpenes: Top-Tier Terpenes

Ready to enjoy some terpenes? Your nose is a great tool to use to enjoy the aroma and scent of each of our terpene isolates or strains. Whether you use terpenes in your favorite beverages or solo, you will find our certified food-grade, natural, organic, and non-GMO delicious. Shop our terpenes for sale online now!

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