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June 23, 2018

What Are The Benefits Of Alpha Pinene?

Whether you’re dealing with discomfort, seasonal issues or energy problems, Alpha Pinene may be an alternative solution. Furthermore, Alpha Pinene has been shown to be great for focus.

In this post, we’ll be sharing the benefits, attributes, health benefits, and various synonyms for Alpha Pinene. At True Terpenes, we do our best to stay on top of medical research and opportunities to help our customers. We share this post alone on how Alpha Pinene has been shown to be an agent for a number of annoyances. You can shop terpenes for sale now, or you can continue reading to learn more!

What is Alpha Pinene?

Consisting of two isomers alpha and beta, Alpha Pinene is a monoterpene. Its alpha or beta state is dependant on the position of the double bond within the molecule. Perpendicular to the main ring, it has a highly reactive four-membered ring. As the name alludes to, Alpha / Beta Pinene are found in various pine trees around the world. Nature uses pinene to condense aerosols that could harm the environment. Finally, the Alpha Pinene terpene emits a unique aroma and consists of a special flavor profile you have to try.

What are the attributes of Alpha Pinene?

As one of the more common terpenes on the planet, Alpha Pinene exists in a wide range of natural sources. In most cases, we tend to find and extract this terpene from the following sources:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Sage
  • Ironwort
  • Turpentine Trees
  • Citrus
  • Conifer Trees
  • Rosemary

If you’re curious about the Alpha Pinene aroma, you’ll find that it emits a woody, piney, earthy aroma with hints of turpentine. Those who do try or use the terpene frequently profile as tasting like a sharp pine and cedarwood.

What are the health benefits?

At True Terpenes, we’ve always got our attention on the market, chasing down research and following the promising rise of natural, organic sources of terpene applications. Studies have shown Alpha Pinene in several way.

Can Alpha Pinene be found in cannabis strains?

The short answer is yes. Like Myrcene, Alpha Pinene is found in a number of cannabis based strains. However, at True Terpenes, we offer non-cannabis derived terpenes either as isolates or strain profiles to our customer. Here are a few cannabis strains you’ll find Alpha Pinene in:

  • AMS
  • Arjan’s Haze
  • Arjan’s Haze #2
  • Arjan’s Haze #3
  • Himalayan Gold
  • Great White Shark
  • Super Silver Haze
  • Trainwreck
  • White Widow

What are some other Alpha Pinene names?

Alpha Pinene like many other terpenes is known by many names. Depending on the situation or context the terpene is being used or reference the nomenclature will vary. Here are some Alpha Pinene synonyms:

  • Pinene
  • α-Pinene
  • (±)-α-Pinene
  • (±)-2-Pinene
  • 7785-70-8 [RN]
  • 219-445-9 [EINECS]
  • 232-087-8 [EINECS]
  • 2,6,6-Trimethylbicyclo[3.1.1]hept-2-ene [ACD/IUPAC Name]
  • Bicyclo[3.1.1]hept-2-ene, 2,6,6-trimethyl- [ACD/Index Name]

Why choose True Terpenes for Alpha Pinene?

At a glance, we’re one of the few terpene companies in the United States with certified organic, natural, food-grade, non-GMO products. We steam distill our sources to maintain terpene potency and effectiveness. Furthermore, we’re always in search of innovative, healthy ways to deliver our premium terpenes to our customers. We also offer distributors package deals to grow their market share in the terpene industry.

Whether you’re looking for a terpene isolate like Alpha Pinene or a bulk wholesale order, we can help! Shop terpenes for sale online and find what you’re looking for. Have questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us directly!

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