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September 21, 2018

Content Creator: Ben Cassiday of True Terpenes

Ben Cassiday may be best known as the co-founder of True Terpenes, however, he has deep roots in expanding access to alternative therapies.

Cassiday’s first foray into the field of plant medicine began with his work to help patients with cancer, epilepsy and other intractable illnesses gain access to medical cannabis licenses in the state of Oregon. Working under the leadership of business partner and CEO Chris Campagna, the two founded and operated a series of physicians’ offices which helped patients access medical cannabis in a safe professional environment.

Through firsthand work with patients and doctors, the pair realized that outcomes could be improved by providing information about the chemistry of the cannabis plant and its varied effects on the human body. From this realization, True Terpenes was born to educate patients and doctors about the basics of cannabis chemistry.

“When we started out there were plenty of locations you could go to meet with a physician to get a medical license in 30 minutes or less, but less than few places that patient could meet with a physician to be educated about what really mattered when it comes to using cannabis as a medicine. We wanted to improve this process, we knew we could help legitimize medical cannabis through greater education”

Helping others improve their health proved to be a catalyst for Cassiday’s own life, who now plans to attend medical school and become a physician himself. The company has expanded to providing terpenes and educational materials to all 50 states and 39 countries, it has 44 full-time employees and is partnered with some of the most well known brands in the world.

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